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9th Apr 2006, 18:59
Perhaps I'm in a minority here, but TR is (more or less) the only computer game that I'm interested in. I mastered the TR controls pretty well. I even adjusted to the changes in TRAOD.
However, I don't understand the controls in TRL one bit. When in situations where I want to press left/right, left/right is obviously up/down. Like Lara's hanging on a ledge - that's one situation like that.
Plus there's no way to rotate, just four directions in which to turn. Plus Lara moves around screen like a fly on a camera lens.

So many of you obviously like the new control system, and I can only think of one reason - that you've played other games that has the same type of controls. For me, it's like re-learning playing this game from scratch. I will do that of course - but first I'm off to buy a game control pad (a thing I didn't think I would have to buy in order to play TD!).

Does anyone agree with me?

9th Apr 2006, 19:11
The problem is the floating camera which fools you sometimes, so you go the wrong way (unless you keep correcting the camera every few seconds which is a bore). In the old system Lara jumped the way you pushed her to, now the camera dictates which way she goes and that is not necessarily your way :o

The controls then look faulty, but it is the camera (almost the same as AoD). They should get back the old TR camera setup, why fix something which wasn't broken?

Tip: go to options, then find camera settings and put the first 2 options to yes, that should make it less floating :thumbsup:

12th Apr 2006, 18:36
Maybe someone knows how to switch or unlock targets, when combat mode is set to Advanced-toggle?
I can unlock target only redrawing weapon, but its quirky metod...