View Full Version : Bolivia Redux... (Spoilers I guess)

9th Apr 2006, 18:09
So, the boss (Amanda), let me get this straight, the various blocks and whatever on the platform serve no purpose excepting to annoy the hell out of me by:

a) Screwing with the camera so I can't see crap and thus end up either falling off the platform or getting stuck.

b) Providing something that is a solid physical object to 'hide behind' yet offering absolutely zero protection for Lara or Amanda.

c) Impeding Lara's movement(refer to a: camera positioning) so that she is unable to avoid incoming attacks.

This has got to be THE most frustrating section (closely followed by certain other boss sections in this same game... oh and that bit where the camera alters your control angles just before a ledge collapses in the plane crash level) to a game I have ever played and has now spoilt the game for me, I really cannot be bothered to continue.