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9th Apr 2006, 10:59
Ok hi all.
First of all i have to say i love this game it is so much better in graphics and its much more fluid than previous versions it si realy great but like all it has bad sides too.
I spotted in this forums talks about Legend being too short,maybe couse we love playing this game and dont want it to end if you remember 3-4 it had some 60 plus main and sub levels.
But what i hate the most about this game is f.... cameras.
I mean wtf is wrong with those programers do they have to make things that make you go ballistic why couldnt they just made the cameras at the 3rd person view not constantly moving around its frustrating i could kill 1 of those programers.
It should be made locked at 3rd person view so that you have a 180 degree view and when moving camera up or down it shuold return back to 3rd person.
It made me very angry at the first Boss fight (takamoto) i cant see him couse of f...... cameras i only see his attacks when facing him and than i cant react fast enough its irritating and frustrating.
But for the end the rest of the game its wow i love it and please,please make Tr 8,9,10.......30 :D

9th Apr 2006, 12:17
why stop at 30....;)

i do agree that the cameras take a little getting used to after all the others, and i do prefer the old style but i don't dislike the new ones either, i just don't like them that much

plus for takamoto, just in case you hadn't realised

behind the buddha statues there are poles you can climb up, i found it a lot quicker and easier to kill him by climbing up those and confronting him at the higher level. that way the guns aren't shooting you and its easier to see what attack he's doing next, as the camera isn't always blocked by lara's head