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Legendary Lara Croft
9th Apr 2006, 06:08
I saw some threads when people were asking why Lara doesn't walk in the game. well, try tapping shift button many times when going forward:D

9th Apr 2006, 06:27
I haven't see the full game yet, but I will assume it is the same movement she can do in the demo.

But some complain it's not walking per-se but actually a "sneaky-like forward movement," and not the traditional elegant, uber-feminine prance we all know and love from the previous games.

I like it the way it is now, though. It's a type of careful walk that fits the context. Maybe in the future they could give alternate animations depending on the map (using her classical prance in non-threatening environments, for instance, and the sneaky one where there is danger... could even give us players a false sense of security, heh). I don't know....

Maybe even adding a SHIFT-CTRL-RUN key combo (OK, I am a PC player, don't throw rocks at me, please) so she can do a Monty Python silly walk. j/k :)

Legendary Lara Croft
9th Apr 2006, 06:31
yes all i have is demo, but there are 2 moves you can do with shift key. I only discovered it few minutes ago lol:) it's very nice, try it. first do regular sneaking walking move, than start pressing shift many times :)

9th Apr 2006, 06:32
heh. ok, I'll try it... :)

9th Apr 2006, 06:39
Ah, IC... from what I observe, doing that just restarts the sneaking animation, and the first few frames of that animation is a normal walk... so pressing shift many times can give the illusion that she is walking.

Don't try doing that when a tiger appears though :)

9th Apr 2006, 12:09
Yes I was tapping the shift key too, but it just made lara jerk about and either sneak, a bit of walk and the sneak or run agin.
Se also looked like she was having some kind of fit too:eek:

9th Apr 2006, 12:30
Se also looked like she was having some kind of fit too:eek:

hehe :) yeah... but then again that was "walk" was something we forced on the game (like flipping back and forth a scene on a DVD player), and not the true, default "walk/sneak" movement, which is smooth as it should be...

Just want to clarify that before someone sees the thread and posts without reading it screaming: "You see? I knew the controls suk (sp)! EIDOS is finishd (sp) and ded (sp)! I won't buy any other game of thers (sp), speak to them, or write any St. Valentiine's post card to Lara ever again! I won't even brush my teeth! Long live _________________ (enter your favorite rival game company here)!"

(OTOH, I do have an animosity similar to the one satirized above against Majesco, who published defective Blood Rayne 2 PC CDs, and never exchanged the ones I sent them for new ones, contrary to their promises on their forums. But I still brush my teeth, though)

9th Apr 2006, 12:43
Yea, that is not walking actually. She just can't decide to sneak or run, as you are tapping shift key too often. That is why it looks like walking. It definitely would not work at edges etc and I think it would be dangerous to do that in critical surfaces/locations.

Danny Darko
9th Apr 2006, 20:19
I disagree, if you tap shift repeatedly she does 'walk'. It is not just the sneaking animation repeating. You can tell by the way she swings her arse from side to side (like in the first section of the Japan level).

Legendary Lara Croft
10th Apr 2006, 23:15
there it is, i made little video, sorry for poor quality


11th Apr 2006, 00:10
is there any MODERS here.??

Anyone nkow of a mod of TRL, where you can make her walk plain and simple.

11th Apr 2006, 00:17
Yes, that is "the walk" I achieved once I connected a gamepad. So can you explain exactly how you did the shift walk? You have to keep pressing shift the whole time while moving forward?

Legendary Lara Croft
11th Apr 2006, 00:20
yes first i started normal running and than started tapping shift quick without stopping pressing forward. same effect i managed to achive from first sneaking and than tapping shift. some say it's just illusion of walking but in any case it looks nice :)

11th Apr 2006, 19:57
I finally played the demo and tried to have Lara walk. It was very brief (split-second brief) though, and tiring too, trying to press the Shift key rapidly. I think I'll pick up the gamepad or just get the PS2 version of the game instead.

ETA: Tiring because I press the Shift button with my left pinky finger. The way I have my movement keys customized are E for moving forward, D for moving backward, S for moving left and F for moving right.

11th Apr 2006, 21:46
What's this nonsense about rapidly tapping shift in order to get her walking? What's that supposed to be: a mini game? Woodpecker imitation? Amateurish keyboard wear&tear test? :rolleyes:

Let's be serious: there's only one way to get her walking on PC without gamepad:

1. Enter the "Options" menue
2. Enter the "Control" menue
3. Set "Combat Mode" to "Advanced Toggle"
4. In the game draw the guns - with drawn guns she now walks as long as the shift key is pressed

If you don't choose "Advanced Toggle" as "Combat Mode" she not only will not walk but also holster her guns after a few seconds. I had to ask Eidos support to get this info. They responded very quickly :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: . I would NEVER have figuered this out on myself :o . But it still is beyond me why there's no simple solution to do something which in the past at least to me has been the most common way of steering Lara through levels :confused: :confused: :confused: . I really don't get it.

11th Apr 2006, 22:58
That still only works with weapons drawn...not without the weapons. So, we need to know how to do it....period. Eidos, come on. :confused:

11th Apr 2006, 23:17
i hate the new moves, i rather see the original moves! i can't jump backwards and sideways without weapons on, the swiming system is asking to be killed:cool: , as it appears to be on great suffering... i really don't understand...and where is Lara's seductive walk????? why did they fired Core Design??... they made better tomb Raiders:eek: ... at least their games hadn't clipping problems... even AOD was better than this so called Legend... I bought it today, and im already hating every second of it...because, they picked on the controls (stupid ppl)...why couldn't it reamin as it was for swiming(with the alt Key)?? why had they to remove some moves? it's sad because the game looks good, but with this controls i can't like it..it looks like im playing Prince of Persia..:mad:

Is there anyway to restore the old controls to the game, and reintegrate the old way of playing Tomb Raider? in pc of course...:confused:

is there modders already active? does anyone knows how to do it? i really want the old controls and technics back!!!!!:(

SHAME ON YOU CRYSTAL DYNAMICS! Core Design, you can come back, cuz you re forgiven! and AOD wasn't that bad....(well just a litle bad..):cool:

Legendary Lara Croft
12th Apr 2006, 17:29
That still only works with weapons drawn...not without the weapons. So, we need to know how to do it....period. Eidos, come on. :confused:

did you even look at video i posted and read earlier post? :)

12th Apr 2006, 19:33
just had a quick glance through this thread - you all seem to be suffwering the same as me - walking and lining lara up on edges to jump more accuratly. so you can only do in by hitting shift repetitivly or with your pistols out - suckky!!
no side stepping at all?

13th Apr 2006, 01:58
AOD wasn't that bad....(well just a litle bad..)
:cool: it really was that bad! I concur with you that the old moves were great-you got exactly what you asked for with Lara, hop, 2 step, cha cha cha, to the left, to the right, doo doo brown, side to side, move around, step in the name of love......and I relaize being an ole-timer that I am not nearly fluid enough to handle nuLara. But she is definitely more handeable in Legend than she ever was in AOD!!! And that's the truth Ruth. Don't ever bring that clunky buggy mess called AOD in comparison. nuLara is grown and sexy and fluid and it's just something you gonna have to get used to, she has gone from salsa to swing!!

13th Apr 2006, 02:43
she has gone from salsa to swing!!