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9th Apr 2006, 05:27
IGN gives it a very respectable 8. Love the review, especially since it lacks the doom and gloom of some of the comments I've read here. I particularly enjoyed these lines: "[CD/EIDOS] resurrected an icon and a legacy from its tumultuous past by making the best and most definitive Tomb Raider yet."


Metacritic has links to reviews from Total Playstation (90/100), PSM Mag (85), Jolt Online (84), PSW Mag (80), Official PS2 Mag (80):


Pretty impressive comeback for a gaming icon that many dubbed as dead and buried after AoD.

Legendary Lara Croft
9th Apr 2006, 05:31
"[CD/EIDOS] resurrected an icon and a legacy from its tumultuous past by making the best and most definitive Tomb Raider yet."

well said! :D thanks for the links hierogrammate. what grade would you give Legend out of 10 :) I would give... 11 hehe

9th Apr 2006, 05:55
i think the movement is well done and the graphics but i agree with what i've read elsewhere also that legend seems to borrow a lot from other games in which the chain and vine jumping remind me of P.O.P. and the linear levels also.the other TRs seem to have a much more open level design.in legend there is really not too many ways to go except 1 and the other ways quickly lead to dead ends.not too many ways to go through underwater; so far anyway.it especially shows with the bullet time like max payne and for sure enter the matrix. i wish they would have borrowed from the GTA cities.so open ended they are.actually a lot of people keep knocking AOD but i thought it was awesome.except for the controls.and the damned brother obscura with the statues and painting.

9th Apr 2006, 05:57
well said! :D thanks for the links hierogrammate. what grade would you give Legend out of 10 :) I would give... 11 hehe

*lol* Well, I should point out that I must still await US release (since I live in Puerto Rico) before I can give a personal, objective score myself. I am basing my expectations on the demo only, and if the rest of the game is only half as good as what I've played (and replayed, and replayed and, um, ok, replayed :)... every time in a different language, heh), I have nothing to fear.

I've played demos before, but only a handful have impressed me as much as this one. Everywhere I looked I could tell it was a labor of love (and not merely love of money, hehe).

The only thing that kind of bothers me are the comments that the game is "short." I can only hope that the next instalment will address that issue.

Hehe, I remember spending over $50 on a PC game (a PS1 port, I believe) called "D" ages ago, and I finished it in a little over 60 minutes. I was *extremely* po'd (I returned it to EB games and exchanged it for another game which lasted FAR longer). I've a gut feeling it won't be as bad with TR:L, though.

9th Apr 2006, 06:09
Every now and then I always bump my face on this elusive "open-ended gameplay" thinguie. I don't know... the only way we'll ever get a truly open-ended game (apart from the one we play daily called "real-life"... which is not as open ended as one may think), would be to get plugged to The Matrix and become a copper-top D-cell for the rest of our natural lives

J/k :)

Maybe having bigger maps, or having one or two additional maps that remain open for exploration could give the illusion of open-endedness.

But I think I should close my comments with a quote from the the IGN review, which kind of exemplifies my view on this: "but thankfully there is no trace of the annoying Tomb Raider 3-style cross-the-country-for-one-tiny-hard-to-see-item-then-return-to-another-country-to-unlock-a-door-then-return-to-obscure-spot-#876-if-you-can-find-it." :)

9th Apr 2006, 06:38
maybe being a little more like the other TRs would give the illusion of more open ended gameplay.

9th Apr 2006, 06:42
Hmm, true... I guess that would mean bigger maps, or more than one map that can be revisited... like in The Last Revelation? (Can't remember right now if in TLR you could go back one map, or more... could we? Age fogs the mind :) )

9th Apr 2006, 14:25
So the opinion of some online magazine (who has interests in promotion) is more important to you than the experience of TR gamers?

Ok :rolleyes:

Remember that there were magazines who gave AoD an 8 and 9 even......after a few weeks of release they changed it funnily ;)

9th Apr 2006, 14:41
Definitely 9,5 out of 10. Everything is excellent, but I just wan't more difficult puzzles. :thumbsup:

9th Apr 2006, 22:54
That's good news :D

I have a feeling TR fans are a bit overcritical... we know Lara and exactly what we want to see and maybe we want to re-live an older game experience again. So we're bound to be a little disappointed, I doubt any developer could make a game that pleases every single one of us (especially since some people love Kurtis, some people hate Kurtis, some people like TR3, others thought it was too long...) we don't even agree amongst ourselves ;)

I'm so happy that objective outsiders are loving Legend though! :D That's what really matters to keep Lara alive and new TR games to be made :thumbsup:

9th Apr 2006, 23:03
"You rub my shoulder and I will rub yours...."

10th Apr 2006, 09:05
Thing is that certainly in the case of OPS2 mag, they will give top release games bad reviews or at least not excellent reviews if they feel they deserve it, whcih they did recently with The Godfather game, because it didn;t hold up against that months other releases.

If we look at other action adventure games, like say resi evil 2-3 first play through i did in under 5hrs, useing minimum health herbs, and no first aid sprays. yet both these games rate for me as two of the best ever played, same wirth the first Tomb Raider, played thet quickly with all secrets, yet one of the best action adventures around.

TRL, is simply put the game AOD coudl have been, It is properly dark, especially these bits when shes just killed the Japan boss, and jokes about it, when she threatens rutland, to make sure his furutre, ddind;t include her in it. and the brilliant bit at the end with amanda, basically telling her, she owed her future life to Lara, a sort of last chance, if we meet like this again, you die. brilliant

Certainly on PS2, and i beleive from friends, on the xbox and 360 also, the controls are dreamlike, so intuiative, simply amazing. Plot is excellent, left me needing a sequal, right then and there to find out more. I loved the conversations between zip alasdair, and Lara left one feeling genuinly concerned and worried about them when amanda raided the mansion, and when her goons, captured them in cornwall you got to care for them, as Lara does. Personally i felt no seperation of me and Lara, all of the gameplay footage, i saw, (which admitedly wasn't alot as i'd been avoiding it if possible) i played it. bike chases through peru,kazhakstan, and the roof tops of tokyo I felt it blended, the puzzles, shooting, and plot etc almost perfectly, similar to TR2 and legend in feel yet capuring something of the first game, the wonder, more death through simply gazing at the scenery than concentrating on whats occuring exactly like TR1.

the trouble for soe i reckon, is there has been so much hype, and expectation, a return to old TR they wanted, but didn't get, we got instead, new and improved next gen tomb raider, re4ady, willing and able, to make an apearance, as a new gen hero, on 360, PS3 and the new nintendo in the pray to god sequel to TRL. I for one will buy it and cherish it. :)

I will say one thing, thank you CD, for yet again reigning in the action adventure genre.

oh and one more, i read a coment about TRL borrowing form Prince of Persia, well hate to break the bubble, but TR1 stole heavily. from the orignal Prince of Persia from the amiga, spike traps, even down to a evil clone of Lara we couldn't shoot, and had to make her drop in a lava pit, direct theft from POP, when the prince jumped into a mirror in one section, a clone of him got made, and later in the game, you met him, and couldn;t hit it with your sword or the prince died.

Same as the soul reaver/legacy of kain series, pinched from Tomb Raider. I'm sure if one really put their minds to it, we can look at every game ever made and trace its origns and influence back to a handful of sources, does that invlaidate the simple greatness, of TR1 or the new POP which in turn borrowed back from TR1-5 and in the way of things, moving the goal posts slightly agian, as TRL has now done?

advice to those of you who havn't had it yet, play it openly, with yourself open to the experience, and rember a shortish game, doesn't mean a bad game, many of the classic action adventure games, haven't been long, but they have all been good. :)


10th Apr 2006, 09:21
I have a feeling TR fans are a bit overcritical...
Some of them are, yes. As with any game. I had a meander through the Oblivion forums, and they have the same thing. A few very vocal people diss the game in almost every single thread, and it begins to look like a legion diss the game. ;)

I am enjoying Legend so very much. I think it has brilliance and beauty and damn fine replay value, and we haven't even finished it yet! 76% and 30+ hours!!! That's pretty damn good. :thumbsup:

Now if I could just manage to tame the dumb ("newstyle console") camera/dual thumb control thingy. Hehehe ...It is just like in the old days of Tomb Raider when the cry rose up from around the world, "I PRESSED THE DAMN WALK BUTTON!" Hehehe :D

...I would like a nice "walk for the PC" patch, please. If any of the devs are listening here... ;) Apparently one of the shifts does this ... I have yet to try it.

Lara is back. ;)

10th Apr 2006, 10:04
I started my review on another topic so ill just post the link rather than ciopy and paste