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Resident Evil X
9th Apr 2006, 01:07
I think TRL is awsome, i DL the Demo on my xbox 360 and had it for 2 days now..i came here and read about everyones opinion about the game so far, so then after i read all the neg feedback on it ( too short etc., which is understandable) i kept going back and beating the demo, but couldnt find any problems with it..its a Perfect/brand new experince. but truly..its Crystal Dynamics first project on Tomb Raider and they did a HELL of a job on it. SO that said, we know TRL will make tons of cash, so it'll lead them into making another TR game, and this time they will make it how we want. So dont fret, they did a KICK ASS job on TRL, i love it..i find it perfect, no problem with it at all, it has it all. Yes, might be short, but its GREAT!. just wait for the next TR game, atleast we KNOW CD can MAKE a great TR game, they just need our feedback ( which they are currently recieveing) and direction on where to go next. Also, for us Xbox 360 owners..there is much more content to look forward to, achievements, plus the game itself. so the game might last me a bit over 20 hours tryng to get all the achievements. Point is..like the game "GUN", Perfect storyline..GREAT game/Fun..yet too short, but its a hell of a ride. TRL is a GREAT blockbuster ride, so lets be happy that TR isnt dead..its back from the dead and its kicking ass. Lets be happy CD revived the TR series..and they are on the right path to great success.
Also my Gamertag for Xbox 360 live is: "Resident Evil X". add me if you wish. thanks.

Thanks for reading, Manny.

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Legendary Lara Croft
9th Apr 2006, 01:30
Thanks so much for your review Resident Evil! :D

9th Apr 2006, 01:32
I totally agree with you even though I havn't played the game but when I do I'm gonna love it and I won't be able to stop playing it I so can't wait till it comes out which is the 11th for me. :p