View Full Version : Takamoto (Japan Boss) **Spoiler!**

8th Apr 2006, 23:16
OK this happened by pure accident..

You know its best to use the pole to get to the same level of Takamoto, to avoid the turrets, I did just that, well I ran after him and shot him he then blasted me with the artifact I panicked and stood back from him and stumbled onto the turret below so I was now actually standing actually on top of it!

Takamoto was just standing behind a wall waitinng for me to make the first move, his left side of his body was visible to me so I used manual aim and started to shoot him..

The funniest part of it was that he stood there and just took my shots.. he was still in dialogue but did nothing but flinch time to time when he got hit by me...He never attacked me again

This pure accident made this level far too easy..

Enjoying the game though its wicked!

Woah and Lara looks hot in this level, took my breath away! :rolleyes:

8th Apr 2006, 23:42
You really like that dress? :eek:
My first thought was that she looked like a cheap slut. The second thought was that they obviously tried to copy Blood Rayne!

9th Apr 2006, 13:37
I don't care about what she looks like, I just wanna get rid off this Japanese Senior. Am tryinig for ages now, even went to the manor to change ideas and looks (lol) but still can't handle him. Even jump above low flashes and roll under high ones is not so easy with her commands. She moves sinc TRAOD like a Duck on LSD dancing ChaChaCha...

9th Apr 2006, 13:49
The only way I could do it was to hide behind the statues or hang off the edge of the walkway when he was firing green stuff at me and then pop out and shoot him with the M-16. Then when I ran out of ammo I was able to finish him off with a grenade.

Wouldn't have been so annoying having to do the fight six times if he hadn't been repeating the same line of dialog all that time.

Cat Valentine
9th Apr 2006, 14:03
Wouldn't have been so annoying having to do the fight six times if he hadn't been repeating the same line of dialog all that time.

Had to put him on mute after a while :/ it wasnt just that fact he has about 3 lines of dialogue, its the fact that he uses those 3 lines of dialogue, once every 3 seconds or so :/ I mean Jesus, just shut up and die!!! :P

And yeah, hide behind the statues, move out, shoot, hide, move out, shoot, etc...annoying and took a long time but satisfying when he finally croaks and I could put the sound back on :D

9th Apr 2006, 14:06
6 times? Only? Happy you... lol. Wont tell you where I am at.
For the moment i'm still trying to get my feet on the famaous bug-location.

How can you guys finish him with the available Ammo? I can't even manage to run/jump/shoot in the same time. Eventhought I didn't went for da Expert thing... Until TRLR everything was so much smoother.

10th Apr 2006, 20:00
Don't worry, i finished him after several tries. Could not manage it the "running towards him" way, so hided away behind one of the statues and patiently shot with the guns on him. On 30 only one brought his power a yelluw mm down, but after about 40mins I was done. Had to do this twice, since 1st time when he git to about half his power I had general electricity cut-off ... 2nd try PC immediately crashed and 3rd was finally OK.

Now I start feeling the same emotion coming up about this stone ball after the blade-traps in the hallway (36%). Is it just me or did everybody experience this 0.5sec chance to run/jump/cross ???