View Full Version : Next Gen content not available on full retail version

8th Apr 2006, 17:27
I have bought the retail version of the game and even though I can play it all properly I cant turn on the next generation content!!!!

I have no idea why. I have an ATI 800 graphics card and over a gig of memory.

Any ideas anyone??

8th Apr 2006, 17:32
There is a patch but I am not sure it turns the option on.. but maybe.

8th Apr 2006, 17:33

8th Apr 2006, 18:15
'Next Gen' requires SM3.0, doesn't it? X800 is SM2.0.

8th Apr 2006, 18:55
well on my 7800 I can turn off shaders 3.0 and just use shader 2. yes just a few things and I mean FEW things are not as shiny but runs Next Gen fine.. So I have no idea why they wont let others wtih shader 2 run it.

8th Apr 2006, 19:06
Someone had already commented on that. The person said to go into the registry and set pixelshader to 1 or 0?? that way next gen can be used with 2.0.

9th Apr 2006, 04:12
found it

hey if its to slow try this.
Now if you can enable Next Gen but its just way to slow at times try this. Go to

"[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Crystal Dynamics\Tomb Raider: Legend\Graphics]"

In your Regedit file and at the bottom you should see "UseShader30" now just click twice on it and change the "value data" form 1 to a 0. Ok whats the worst that can happen? The game wont run. Ok now start the game. Now if it does you should see a great deal of speed increased or just no stop and go like I had. There are some things that wont be as shiny but Next Gen is on and looks better.
I tried to post this as a new thread but it would not let me.. anyway

Sam Fisher
9th Apr 2006, 15:25
i have the same problem as you...many people have been able to play the game with neg gen on perfectly on 800x600 with a Geforce 6600...I have a Geforce 6800 GT and a strong pc and i can't enable the nex gen on:(