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8th Apr 2006, 15:04
How Can i Make The Door open in Alister's Study Room? And Where is the Gold

Reward?help me please.

8th Apr 2006, 15:11


8th Apr 2006, 15:28
Thank You But this site doesn't contain the walkthrough of Croft Manor But Thanks Anyway.

8th Apr 2006, 15:31
Check this thread then , a few pages where also about the manor is talked:


In short, you have to follow the rhymes that are given to you in the dark passage, then library etc, the last Gold secret will be revealed after a while of segments :thumbsup:

storm shadow
8th Apr 2006, 15:33
lol I don't know where the gold one is either... I installed XP again because of some issues is general and start all over now I don't know how to get the books out of the shelf to use them to get the silver reward! LOL :S Any way does anyone knows what the big stone is when you walk on it from the stairs in the main lobby thing where als ZIP his almighty PC studio lays infront?

8th Apr 2006, 15:46
Here it is explained in detail where it is:


8th Apr 2006, 18:21
rhymes in Dark?It's mystery LoL....

9th Apr 2006, 14:47
is There a hack or way to start a new game with cheats?i want to find secrets with excalibur:( :confused: ????

Cat Valentine
9th Apr 2006, 14:51
is There a hack or way to start a new game with cheats?i want to find secrets with excalibur:( :confused: ????

to unlock excalibur u need to complete the nepal time trial, then u can replay lvls with excalibur, I dont think u can actually start a new game tho, as u cant access the cheats until u have completed the game etc

9th Apr 2006, 15:16
:( ok.Anyway it's the Best Tomb raider Game i think:) ....

9th Apr 2006, 17:03
Can we add new outfits,guns or swords to the Game?:confused: ....

10th Apr 2006, 00:00
:) The gold reward in croft manor is under the floor in the main room where the butler is standing in front of the fire, you have to activate all the clues one by one there are two picture's in the halls up the stairs from this room when it's time after you've activated all the other clue's push these two picture's in if you did it right a statue will come up from the floor near the butler turn the statue to face the sun light and another platform will come out of the floor which has the gold reward on top of it.

To open the door's in the in the libuary, you'll get this clue
within the halls of knowledge
tomes of cerulean
and crimson
in turn reveal their arcanum

which means push the books in the libuary in this order

hope this helps and yes I'm on 99% so am off to try some time trials :thumbsup:

10th Apr 2006, 07:12
is There a hack or way to start a new game with cheats?i want to find secrets with excalibur:( :confused: ????
pleasepleasepleasePLEASE use the spoiler function

10th Apr 2006, 08:48
baylisst im new here and i dont know how to use that spoiler thing.:(

10th Apr 2006, 19:11
ok, just press the white s in the blue background at the top of the screen

sorry if i was a little harsh ;)