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8th Apr 2006, 10:52
Hi all, first post so go easy ok!

Ihave just installed Tomb Raider Legend on Pc and it`s playing slow!!


Athlon 64 Processor 3000+
1.5 Gig Memory
Radeon 9550 AGP Graphics Card

Any Ideas?

8th Apr 2006, 10:55
Yes, shut off anti-aliasing and then lower the settings one by one untill you get a fluent display :thumbsup:

8th Apr 2006, 10:55
Really? That's weird I only got 512ram and at least 128mb card I'm only running on 1.8ghz processor but the demo's running good without any problems

8th Apr 2006, 10:55
Welcome. :) Please take advantage of our Tech support forum ;)