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6th Apr 2006, 02:31
Okay you probably all know all the control stuff already, so this is probably just another useless Legend thread, but I'm just letting you all know that I dug out my old joystick today, and it works with Legend, so I've got her walking. :D

Just in case any other PC players out there who don't have gamepads have joysticks lying around, just letting you know that it works, light pressure for sneaking, medium pressure for walking, heavy pressure for running.

You still need the mouse to control the camera, and unless you have a lot of buttons (unlike me...I've only got a "trigger" and a button on the top...I use them for shooting and jumping...great in combat, especially for bullet time moves!), you still need the keyboard for all the actions that won't fit on your joystick. So yeah it's still awkward, but at least now she actually is able to walk!

6th Apr 2006, 02:38
Yes, we knew it would work with a joystick and/or gamepad. The point is, we should not have to have to use these things. The game should be made to work with a keyboard. There are a heck of a lot more keys on a keyboard, then buttons on a pad, that could have easily been programed to work.

Or, if it is a secret, I wish the developers would just let it out of the bag.

6th Apr 2006, 02:45
I know, it's daft. I'm still considering buying a gamepad as well, because it's not easy playing with a joystick, keyboard AND a mouse all at once.

I suppose we will have to move with the times, as unfair as it seems. This seems to be the direction that games are taking, one where every PC player needs a gamepad.

It seems that they days of keyboard and mouse playing are over. :(

Legendary Lara Croft
6th Apr 2006, 03:12
nah I will stick to keyboard and mouse, you can rotate camera all around Lara and see slightest details of her outfits and environment which I so much enjoy to explore.. Can't wait already! want to explore every corner!

6th Apr 2006, 03:17
That's good, it's just that you can't walk with a joystick or gamepad. And to me this is a sign that the games industry is moving away from keyboard and mouse play. I mean if it's not actually possible to perform a certain movement with kust the keyboard and mouse...well to me it says something. That it won't be long before we all need a gamepad. It'll probably eventually be considered part of the package anyway, like when you buy a full PC today there is always a mouse, probably soon there will always be a gamepad.

Legendary Lara Croft
6th Apr 2006, 03:27
is there mouse for consoles by the way? For me it was such a pain to try and play shooters on consoles lol, i didn't move camera very fast and in wrong direction, so, unfortunately I got shot pretty badly lol

6th Apr 2006, 03:31
You could get a mouse for the old Compact Disc Interactive players by Phillips, but I'm not sure if modern consoles have them. I suppose that's the upside for us guys...we get better camera control! :D

Legendary Lara Croft
6th Apr 2006, 03:36
do you know a lot about consoles? can you please tell me if I get some creative speakers for PC, and if by any good luck chance I find certain artifact called 360 one day lol, will these speakers fit it too or PC and console speakers have different wires? I was just thinking about 2.1 or maybe 5.1 if i find place where to put them all (already living all in wires like in Matrix)