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6th Apr 2006, 02:29
So I stop by the EB Game store where I pre-ordered TR and said "on the receipt it says New Release products will be held for 48 hours after release. You're not going to sell my TR game to some one else are you? (Kidding because I know the guy!!) He said don't worry about that we will have plenty for sale. Then I said it's being released April 11th right. He said It's shipping April 11th, it will be on sale April 12th !!! Is he kidding or what?? I don't want to wait another 24 hours. LOL

6th Apr 2006, 02:36
That's what usually happens. I've been buying all my games from EB Games stores and for games I really like, I'd call them if they'd have definitely have it in stock on the release date mentioned on the site. Sometimes, I guess depending on how soon the game's shipped to them, they'd have it on that release day's afternoon. Or I'd be told it'd be available the following day since they've only SHIPPED it on that release date. So that's why I'd get my games the following day instead since I know sometimes they won't have it in stock on the release date.

6th Apr 2006, 02:56
Thanks. Guess I'll call them on the 11th just to be sure, you never know!! If they say to come in and pick it up, outta my way!! LoL.

Legendary Lara Croft
6th Apr 2006, 02:59
i am planning to get mine in Walmart, they have bonus - calendar :D