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6th Apr 2006, 01:49
Sorry everyone. I was too excited to start posting in other threads, I didn't bother to make my introduction thread. I just joined the site yesterday and when I first read of another TR game, from an online videogame retail site, I was shocked, surprised, and happy at the same time. I've played the TR series since TR3. I, like many of you, was disappointed with the Angel of Darkness version. Anyway, like I said, I'm pretty amped about this TR:Legend game. Hopefully, I'll be able to play it on my PC. :D

Legendary Lara Croft
6th Apr 2006, 01:59
Hi NRNR, welcome to the forum! :D

6th Apr 2006, 02:10
Now my thread doesn't look pathetic. Hehe.... Thanks, LLC. Mind if I call you LLC ?

I didn't know there was a person named Legendary Lara Croft. :eek: Initially, when I was pondering text in my sig, I was considering inputting Lara Croft: Legendary. But I decided to just go with Legend. Anyway, now it looks like my sig is yours AND mine. LOL. :D

Nice to meet you. :)

Legendary Lara Croft
6th Apr 2006, 02:11
hehe call me Lara:))) which part of Tomb Raider is your favourite?
did you play PC demo already? what are your computer specs? maybe i can help :D

6th Apr 2006, 02:22
I've recently bought a new Dell PC but it doesn't have either a PCI-Express 16x graphics card slot or an AGP slot. Just a normal PCI slot. I'm considering buying a new NVIDIA card that has the PCI slot, but I'm just worried that the game might not run on it. I know somewhat regarding videocards because I've learned to upgrade them over the years and know some of the features on them, I guess.

So the card I'm considering purchasing is the NVIDIA GeForce 5500 256MB DDR PCI Graphics Card.

In a retail site I've visited, the Product Details listed its System Requirements which is...

500MHz processor or higher
Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or NT 4.0 (SP5 or SP6)
35MB hard drive space
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
PCI 2.0 slot
250W power supply

Now, my system specs are....

Windows XP Media Center 2005 Edition (SP2)
Intel P4 w/ HT Technology @ 2.8GHz
Intel Express Family Chipset (integrated)
DVD/CD Combo Drive
PCI Slot
230 Power Supply

Now, my question is, because my System Specs don't exactly match the card's System Requirements such as the Power Supply, SP pack, and Windows version, should I be worried that once the card is installed, the game won't work ? Or am I just worrying too much ?

Also, one last question. How do I check what version of the PCI slot I have ?


I've tried downloading the TR:L demo yesterday and I was down to 40 minutes remaining, but then the server for the download or some site reset itself so I lost all TR:L demo download. I'll try again later in the week.

I have an integrated video card. Thanks, Lara. :)

Legendary Lara Croft
6th Apr 2006, 02:54
try visit these links first


did you play demo yet?

now to tell you the truth your pc is ok but it's not gaming pc and is pretty weak to run new generation games. I understand about money concern, but is there way or time to return it and get better pc or build your own one?

I have 3.2 Ghz, 1.5 GB Ram and NVidia 6800 GT 256 MB agp, 480 power supply and the demo didn't run as smooth as I wanted it to (even though I am in process to exchange my video card, it gave me some problems, I got it from BFG and they have life time warranties) I also planning to get new speakers.

You want to get another motherboard to get new video card. Best thing would be to get mother board with PCI express slot (I wish I had one) as PCI express video cards work better than AGP ones. Asus is good brand. I don't know much about ATI. If you want to get Nvidia card, than I would advice 7th generation or at least 6th. These cards are very powerfull and you will see the difference for example by playing recent Spliner Cell on PC in comparison to PS2 version. For new Nvidia cards it's best to get good power supply, they do require 300 watt, but they need more than that, 600 is optimal.

computer of my dream is Alienware, www.alienware.com You can custom build them on their site and they specialize on gaming pcs, some of them are pretty affordable.

I have HP and you have Dell, these were not created for gaming, even though now I can't call my PC that as I already modified so much inside :)

I wish I could be more help but I don't know much about service packs, please ask people in the forum, I know Shehi or Goran Agar or JayWalker know a lot about computers.

After 15 years of PC gaming starting from 386th, I have a big temptation to switch to 360 but will see how it goes. Legend for PC looks not worse than 360 one, even considering the fact they we didn't see Next Generation content yet! Maybe you should consider getting 360? this way you won't have to upgrade anything and games won't crash. It doesn't have any programs running on background and all the power would be dedicated to game performance. If you decide to buy 360, get the 400 dollar value,as it has a lot of nice goodies.

best luck! what I promise you whatever platform you choose YOU WILL LOVE TOMB RAIDER LEGEND!!! :D

6th Apr 2006, 03:07
Hello NRNR. Welcome to the forum. You say you've been playing TR since TR3. If at all possible you must play TR1 and TR2. TR1 is the classsic and where it all started (and the first video game I ever played.) And IMHO TR2 was the best one of the series. The first one where you could save anywhere, and it was a great feature. Wish they would have brought that back for TR Legend. The checkpoints add a degree of difficulty (and frustration) for me but that won't stop me!! Can't wait for the 11th... er, 12th!! LOL.

6th Apr 2006, 03:12
No, unfortunately, the download got disconnected suddenly as I was having only about 40 minutes remaining to a complete download. But I guess at this point, it's better for me to get a console version. I've already invested too much into my PC. I'll probably get a better gaming PC system down the road.... hopefully. Therefore, all's not lost since PC technology's always changing so quickly. :)

I'll probably end up getting the PS2 and the PS3 version of the game if and when that (PS3 version) comes out. Yes, I don't feel like investing more into Microsoft in a console ! I'm already forced to use their software. LOL.. I need to control which console I want. :D :p Even though I'll be waiting a good year for my PS3. (I'm waiting for the price drop. Hehe..)

Legendary Lara Croft
6th Apr 2006, 03:17
I am sure PS3 will rock, I would like to see 360 vs PS3 comparison chart. I got PSP but still don't have any games for it lol, Legend will be my first. Sony is a great brand definetely.

this is good site to download Legend demo, registration is free (optional), if there are many people you may have to wait on the line for it for several minutes but it's worth it, their speed it amazing, I got 500kb/s


LizzyMM is right, Tomb Raider 1 and 2 were the best! 1, 2, 3 and 4 are my absolute favourite, but nothing can compare to Legend

what do you think about Karima? :)

6th Apr 2006, 03:38
Excuse my ignorance, but who's Karima ? One of the new characters in Legend ? I think I've seen that character when I saw the official Legend site yesterday. I'm not sure. No wait, I was looking at a very different game where it had different playable characters. LOL...

So back to my question... Who's Karima ?

ETA: Hopefully, I'll get a chance to buy and play TR1 and 2. Thanks for the recommendation.

Legendary Lara Croft
8th Apr 2006, 07:16
Karima Adebibe is a new official model for Tomb Raider Legend. You seem to be fresh tomb raider fan, but it's ok, glad to meet new great Lara fan. It actually nice that you don't know some things, as you will have so many nice impressions I hope, and will find out so many interesting things. Back to Karima yes, for every Tomb Raider game Eidos chose official model who would represent Lara Croft and help them to promote the game. Their contract would usually last a year or so. This time they chose Karima. Here is more info and pics


see they even make them Lara outfits and nice gadgets. Besides official models there are TR look-a-likes. They also like to dress up as Lara and make their own costumes. It's very fun and cool too :D

10th Apr 2006, 06:32
Actually, I'm not a new TR fan. I've known TR games since the late 90's. I just never knew that Karima was the new official TR model for TR:Legend game that's all. ;)

Okay, here's my story of how I stumbled across TR games. :D
I think it was back in '98 or '97 when my friend and I went into this computer store on a weekend because we were bored. I was browsing through the PC games and came across a game called 'Tomb Raider'. I took a look at back of the box and thought it was an interesting game. Of course, back then, I didn't buy it because first of all, I didn't have the money and second of all, I didn't know if it'd really work on my Pentium 200 system. So anyway, we both left the store. Two years later, I ended up buying TR3 and that's when I realized what a great game it was.

Long before TR, I've played first-person shooters like 'DOOM', but they made me dizzy and almost vomit every time I played it. So I realized I'm not at all a FPS fan. But since TR had the camera showing the character in front of you or the third-person view, I loved that concept. TR didn't obviously make me dizzy and the game kept me playing. So, yeah, that's my backstory and that's why I'm not a TR newbie. :D