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6th Apr 2006, 00:06
As Lara leaps nearer to release, we get hands-on again and are allowed a sneak peak at the plot, Hmmm...


When she was a young whippersnapper, Lara was an excavator on a dig in rural South America that went dreadfully wrong. Something unholy was awakened deep down in the mines, something that flamed and grabbed at the excavators...

Lara, rushing to her friends' aid, sees many of them hunted down or dragged away by this apparition before she catches up with her best friend, Amanda. Despite being busy talking about shoes and makeup, they manage to defeat the flaming demon, but in the process inadvertently collapse the temple, burying and drowning Amanda.

Or so Lara thinks until she meets an enigmatic fellow tomb raider in the process of looting a Bolivian tomb who tells her that she "shouldn't have left Amanda in Peru". Lara must therefore return to the drowned complex, drain it, work out what connection it has to the missing artefact she's hunting down, and whether Amanda's alive and still got that cochineal lippy she'd borrowed...

In this latest playtest, we got to try a couple more of Lara's much-improved special moves as well; holding down the climb button pulls off an over-the-head and over-the-top backflip flair move, which looks very cool. Better even than that though, is jumping at an enemy during combat to perform a Mario-style stomp, stunning your opponent and giving you a couple of seconds of slow-mo time to lay them and their compadres flat with Lara's pistols.

Despite this, combat's still not the key to the game, and you can't call the enemy AI anything other than primitive - but it's visceral fun. Besides, Tomb Raider was never really about combat, was it? The signs for this one are looking good.

Read the full Tomb Raider: Legend preview in Issue 06 of OXM360 - out now!


Posh totty
To chase down a part of the missing artefact, Lara travels to Tokyo to confront an evil tomb raider. This necessitates a meeting at a top-class nightclub, which sees Lara dressing up in an evening dress and (this season's must-have accessory) garter-mounted pistols.

Peru adieu
Rapidly shuttling from Bolivia to Peru, Lara meets up with Anaya and runs smack-bang into an ambush. Thankfully, the town's populace is hidden behind bulletproof mud walls, so you're free to waste paramilitaries with no worries about collateral damage.

Young Indy
In the flashback sequences, you play as Lara from years ago, complete with her trademark crop top and large boobery. Eidos see Legend as year zero in the Tomb Raider licence, so it's intriguing to see this reference to the younger, yet more buxom, Lara included





6th Apr 2006, 00:39
Oops that third pic is a big spoiler... probably should not have looked at it. :o

6th Apr 2006, 01:11
Oops that third pic is a big spoiler... probably should not have looked at it. :o
-_-.....GGRRRRr:mad: I forgive you this one time:)

8th Apr 2006, 14:30
It looks much better then PC version with Next Gen Graphics 'on'.... :mad:

Legendary Lara Croft
8th Apr 2006, 16:00
before saying this you need to consider such factors as your pc specs, how fast and good your computer is, what options you turn on, what resolution you playing, etc.... PC version looks amazing, not worse than 360 at all, even without next gen content

8th Apr 2006, 21:41
My PC is good enough to play modern games at high quality, but TR just suck in comparison with XBox360 version... Here is my screenshoots:

8th Apr 2006, 21:44
That really does almost look like 360~ 360's a little better, but thats very close! ur computer must be amazing :thumbsup:

Legendary Lara Croft
9th Apr 2006, 00:36
i like it :D