View Full Version : TRL on Gamecube.....is this correct?

5th Apr 2006, 21:54
Just read this article on Planet Gamecube - http://www.planetgamecube.com/ (link) about TRL being released on GC.

Is this correct?

5th Apr 2006, 21:58
Thank god, yes, it's true! :cool: :thumbsup:

5th Apr 2006, 22:51
Managed to find another couple of sites with the same information too.
I was worried with all the April fools DN forever reviews and such that it was a gag.
Also, one site mentions that it will be released later......groan....
I was going to buy it on PC straight on release, but would prefer playing it in the lounge but don't want to have to wait months for it:(
Hopefully the next gen content will be activated to use on the Revolution as it's backwards compatable with the GC....w00T:)