View Full Version : I wish...

5th Apr 2006, 20:41
I wish that they had made the controls the same as in the previous TR games 1-5.

The controls they have for Legend Lara are very frustrating to work and she is difficult to control.

It would have made things much easier for everyone!

5th Apr 2006, 20:47
The thing that makes it frustrating is the camera, not so the controls. The camera waves to much and is disorientating.

5th Apr 2006, 21:02
I had the same problem as you when I played through Prince of Persia:Warrior Within (it has pretty much the same controls). But once you get used to it, they actually work quite well. The most difficult thing is to steer in camera directions, not the way Lara faces. Just give it some time and you'll work it out.
If they had used the "old" controls, lots of people would have complained about the game trailing behind in terms of character control.