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5th Apr 2006, 20:41
Hi. I have a question about the sp map "the wolfs den". When you move to the locked room (near the officer room) and you see a movieclip about a gestapo spy, i think, who is writing a speach. Or he is not writing it but he tells a woman what to write.

the thing is: how do i get into that room?

please help me.. i want to get all the stars!

5th Apr 2006, 20:46
You can't get into that room. To get 5 merits you have to play at least at the difficulty level Hard.

5th Apr 2006, 21:26
ok, thanks!

mini bini
1st May 2006, 15:15
i disagree on one level i played on easy and got 5 stars:rasp:

1st May 2006, 20:43
I was talking about this particular mission. You can't get 5 merits in this mission if you play on easy or normal.

mini bini
3rd May 2006, 15:13
oh i see