View Full Version : Quick Save Feature

5th Apr 2006, 16:47
Greetings Fellow Commandos,

I have a quick question before i run out & spend my hard earned money on this title, QUICK SAVE? Does this title ship with a quick save feature, it absolutely p%@&*s me off to no end how some of the newer shooter games doesn’t ship with this function & I will not waste my money on a title if it doesn’t, check point save system doesn’t count, has to be quick save, mappable as well, well mappable isn’t a must but it would be nice, can the movement keys be mapped to the UP/DOWN arrows as well? Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

5th Apr 2006, 18:40
Yeah there's a quicksave and keys are remappable, not the quicksave and reload though that's F5 and F9.

5th Apr 2006, 19:12
thanks for the info, much appreciated.:thumbsup: