View Full Version : What system are you getting TR:L for?

5th Apr 2006, 03:38
What system are you guys getting tomb raider for? xbox,xbox360,ps2,pc

post the name of the system your getting if for and tell us why

this will also give me a better answer as to which system i will get it for

5th Apr 2006, 03:43
Wow, theres another thread, JUST like this. I dont know if its here or what. lol.

PC, cause I like my computer, I don't have a console and I don't want to buy one. :D

5th Apr 2006, 03:45
PC. I've played all the rest on console and it was time for a change, seeing as I have a somewhat decent rig. :p

5th Apr 2006, 03:51
My trusty PS2

5th Apr 2006, 04:11
It will blow anything else away, if you see some of the new consoles coming out, they are basically tiny PCs, but are very limited to their use. On PC the possibilities are pretty much up to your imagination, like building your own maps, making game movies, etc. It is understanable that you will need more money and some pc skills, for those a better choice is a console. But if you have both then pc should be your choice for this game.