View Full Version : Demo download stop at 450Mb

4th Apr 2006, 18:03
Well, i have quite slow connection and was dl about 26k per sek. All went fine until connection quited to server. All network works fine here. Not happy about it. Dont wanna waste another 4-5 hours for dl. Demo of that size should have somekind of own downloader if connection breaks for some reason. Maybe i try dl it once more or not. But won't buy game without trying first and it dl dont work, so....

4th Apr 2006, 18:06
Every download manager supports download resume, and I'm very sure that the server on which the demo is hosted supports it too.

4th Apr 2006, 18:19
Yes use a download manager OR Firefox as your browser instead of the lame Internet Explorer. Firefox will resume your download where it stopped exactly, while IE just deletes everything.

Firefox is better in pretty much everything than Internet Explorer:


4th Apr 2006, 18:55
I took Free Download Manager from internet. Is bit confusing to me. Cant even start downloading from tombraider server. Manager dont understand. Tries load index.php or something and there it stops, or server dont respond or something like that. Well, luck for me i found Megagames that had demo zipped...manager works fine with that dl. By the way i have 470 MB packed that was downloaded first time. But i guess i cant use it anyway, or continue it...