View Full Version : Arrows?

Mobb Deep
4th Apr 2006, 14:12
Hi, Every time I am playing trl there are between movies and then there is a big arrow in the screen and you have to press some buttons but I dunno witch (ore witch combination) I always press as manny buttons @ the same time and I passed 2 of those movies now. I know verry noobisch, but now I have to make a jump with a bike on a roof (Japan 26%) and have to it again. I was eating a cookie and playing with 1 hand and I pressing some buttons and mannage to do 2 of the ... moves. Can anybody help, btw I have the pc version...

Thank you and regards Mobb Deep :cool: :)

4th Apr 2006, 14:20
There are arrows up, down, left or right.
So you press on your keyboard the arrows up, down, left or right...
Can't be so difficult?!

Mobb Deep
4th Apr 2006, 14:27
I am so noob i am going to test it, ty ( I tested it I am so noob, TY TY TY TY