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4th Apr 2006, 03:03
Okay. I'm new here, this is my first post, and I'd like to ask your advice. I don't have the game, but I do have the demo. As soon as I start the game, she starts running towards the edge, falls off, and dies. I can't get her to turn around, I can't get her to STOP. I'm seeing people complain about her not WALKING, but I got her to walk, run, sneak, crouch, but not STOP MOVING FOR A DARN CHANGE! Well, I just need to know if this is the way the new game is or do I need to fix something or re-download from a different source.:confused:

4th Apr 2006, 03:29
I really hate it when this happens...:rolleyes:

4th Apr 2006, 04:27
thats the way it's designed, it's that way for everyone!you just knock her off a cliff and she stops.just kidding!actually;are you playing with a gamepad?i had this happen on some tr games, especially chronicles.i had to fight with it the whole game.i think it's something to do with the controller not being compatible.even if your not using it and it's plugged in.

4th Apr 2006, 04:33
The problem, if you're using a controller instead of the keyboard and mouse is that the analog stick isn't centered. I first found this issue out on my Dreamcast. If the system turns on (or in the PC's case, the controller is plugged in while the analog stick is not centered, it will automatically think that where-ever the analog stick is positioned... that that is center. Making it so that even if you aren't pushing any buttons, the character will move on it's own.

To fix this, you should unplug the controller. Make sure that the analog sticks are centered (dont have the controller up-side-down), then replug the controller in. Sometimes, with PC controllers, you need to turn off the computer and turn it back on to properly activate the controller.

Hope that helps.


4th Apr 2006, 19:16
Well, I'm using the keyboard and mouse, but I do have a controller plugged into my PC, and it my have an uncentered stick, should I calibrate the controller or just unplug it?

Notts Raider
4th Apr 2006, 19:20
Well, I'm using the keyboard and mouse, but I do have a controller plugged into my PC, and it my have an uncentered stick, should I calibrate the controller or just unplug it?

either should stop it

Mangar The Dark
4th Apr 2006, 20:15
Legend was designed to be played like Lemmings... she'll keep moving in a particular direction unless you assign a blocker. If you get stuck, you simply nuke her ("Oh no!" POP!)

5th Apr 2006, 06:40
It's not a gamepad problem! I tried the PC demo yesterday and after using the interact key (probably together with a directional key), Lara started running and wouldn't stop. I randomy pressed the keys for a while and she stopped and was controlable again.
It's a bug and should be fixed in the full game hopefully because apart from that I didn't encounter any bugs yet :)

8th Apr 2006, 14:11
I have simular problem. However I do NOT have a joystick plugged in nor installed. Playing it on my laptop btw.

12th Apr 2006, 09:51

12th Apr 2006, 11:12
Try Alt-Tabbing back to the desktop, and use the Task Manager to change the priority of the TRL.EXE to 'Normal'. I have heard someone on this forum mention that that fixed it for him.

13th Apr 2006, 03:38
yes, changing the trl.exe to normal did work for me! Just a fyi for those who need a little help.

13th Apr 2006, 17:37
my trl.exe is already at 'normal', same problem, ive tried changing it to a differant priority and back to normal.... no go... any other ideas?