View Full Version : linear level

3rd Apr 2006, 22:45
i only have the demo but so far it seems very linear.in the other tomb raiders it seemed that there were many ways to go or at least several ways to get to the same place.in the others there might be a spot that has maybe 3 or 4 tunnels and each one leads to many corridors and rooms and perhaps back in a roundabout way.in the legend demo , there's a few ways to go but they are short and end up in dead ends.reminds me of P.O.P.even when under water in the others it seemed there was a lot of paths to swim in.the color and backround seem a bit dull sometimes too.hard to tell if there are other ways to go in the distance,when there is any.that said ; the motion is very fluid and awesome and i love the auto grab;makes it seem more fluid too.

also;cannot find sprint , lara seems to move at the same rate always.lara's sizz'lin.