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3rd Apr 2006, 20:48
Yes, it is amazing.

But there are a few things i'm concerned about.

Did anyone else notice those grey lines down the inside of Lara's legs? Thats obviousky a glitch, looks pretty bad up close.

Why are the graphics for this game like the PS2 game on the PC? Well at least the DEMO. I thought the Xbox 360 and PC TR legend graphics were very similar, since top of the range PC is way better than Xbox 360.

And a few other things...Lara only seems to do her bored actions when the cam is miles away (at its furthest point) like strap her boots, check her gloves etc...why does she stop when the cam goes closer...very weird.

And i miss the walking, she only sneaks, walking is different. Sneaking is for avoiding/creeping up on enemys, you can't casualy walk about and admire the levels anymore.

Dont mean to moan, but they are pretty sim[ple things to tidy up, I'm sure the programmes could do it all in the space of half an hour, would be a big difference.


3rd Apr 2006, 21:13
There are also many bugs in the final game unfortunately.

And really the game is too short....to give you an example. The demo that you just played.....it is more than half of the whole Bolivia location......20 minutes more play and that location is finished.

3rd Apr 2006, 21:16
Well, it is just how you play. I spend several hours in the Bolivia level and enjoyed it quite a lot. ... but if you are in a hurry. :rolleyes:

3rd Apr 2006, 21:23
How can you spend more in the Boliva level? :confused: All there is to do is jog [or sneak around] and shoot a few people and jump a few robes/chains. An hour tops.

3rd Apr 2006, 21:24
I completed 97% of everything.............no hurry, 12 hours tops. Maybe you like gazing at every tree for 10 minutes but I don't. The first TRs I played for months, not just a few days like TRL and I played them exactly the way I played TRL, meaning looking around a lot too. In fact I took about 200 screenshots while playing.

No offence.

4th Apr 2006, 04:50
i'm not sure about the others but the sneak on my pc does'nt do anything.though like i read on other threads if you push the analog stick lighter it works very well for walk.