View Full Version : Stuck In West Africa 36%

3rd Apr 2006, 16:32
I'm Stuck in West Africa 36%
I dropped the big boulder in left corner and other pedestal has a rockbox on it. How can I get a object in other pedestal too?

3rd Apr 2006, 16:46
yeah i am @ the same point as well

I think it is something to do with using the grapple thing and then pulling up but not sure

3rd Apr 2006, 16:54
well, the other object is yourself(assuming u r not stupid enough to push the right boulder down to the cliff) after unlocking both arms of the stature, rush to the middle platform and grapple it out, you have about 5 secs b4 it locks it again.

3rd Apr 2006, 18:27

Yes lock the right arm (statues left arm) with the boulder I think, then on the other one you stand on it untill the arm is released and platform stops moving, then quickly jump onto the moving platform then onto the middle one and grapple it out quick before the arm locks again.