View Full Version : Im stuck :( any help please.. (possible Spoilers)

3rd Apr 2006, 14:46

I'm currently at about half the game, I really love it and i Spent tons of time figuring stuff out, but now I became stuck for sooo long and it gets Really frustrating...

Im in England with Lara now and after some Catacombs I arrived in a Cavern with a Castle/Chruch thingie Tomb, I need to enter, I figured out half a way, but It doesnt really work the way I want it to :(


Heres a Picture with the Way I thought it would work I just cant get past the middle... there are 4 thingies behind me in the Water that I can move to let a Cage come down but I dont see a Purpose for these...

Anyone thats past that point please nudge me into the right direction

Notts Raider
3rd Apr 2006, 15:05
Not there yet but I've had to stop, the sun is on my monitor http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/1476/gripe3ln.gif and i'm not closing the curtains, it's the first bit weve had in a while :D

3rd Apr 2006, 15:28
Oh guys nevermind I found out, never underestimate the power of clicking buttons like crazy!

But i wont tell you! hihi

3rd Apr 2006, 16:29
ani't that obvious, bet you got some problem after you get in the tomb :D

Notts Raider
3rd Apr 2006, 17:23
the boss type thing scared the pants off me, it was only after you stop panicking you can concentrate

3rd Apr 2006, 17:37
U know actually i didnt have any problems after that just .. now I got a real huge problem, I dunno if any of you guys are there yet... oh damn

Its really hard to ask for help, and being afraid to ruin your fun heh...

so do not read anymore if you arent at or past 75%



How the bloody hell am i going to kill that stuipd Amanda girl, I get her down to 50% then the thing recharges, the girl appears with a /!\ thingie but i tried everything :( try hurt her with guns, sword, grenades... jump up and down on her... now what.. i dont get it