View Full Version : Awesome demo!! But for PC or PS2?

3rd Apr 2006, 12:39
It's probably been said a million times... but what a fantastic introduction to Legend!! I bought the official PS2 magazine for the demo and had a great blast, the graphics are amazing and the gameplay is spot on, Lara moves around so fluidly it's amazing how far the series has come since 1996.

The PS2 controls couldn't be any more natural I guess, in only my second gunfight I found myself fully acclimatised to the shooting and lock-on controls, which is great. In terms of differences, I think the graphic design is spot on, the menus and HUD are swish and unobtrusive, making the game nicely polished. I liked the training messages in the demo that quickly got me into the swing of things (in some cases, literally). The PDA feature is pretty nifty too.

I've heard in several reviews that the game will be too easy and short... although in playing the demo my worries were soon laid to rest as I'm still stuck in that room with the three pressure pads!! :D I'm sure I'll figure it out in time. Some classic tomb raiding lined up then - brilliant! Fluid animation, responsive control, good design, well polished... all our dreams since AOD have been realised! Can't wait for the release!

One question however... I'm not sure whether to get the PC or PS2 version! (dilemma!) I have yet to download the PC demo, but I've heard that you can't walk (?!!) because the PS2 controls are analogue, not digital. I'm also assuming with Lara's increased functionality, the PC controls will be difficult. On the flip side, the graphics will be better with higher resolution textures and added realism (hmm, she didn't seem to get wet or dirtied in the PS2 demo). And is the 'more moves for Lara' a rumour for the PC version?

Even better graphics or natural controls? That is the question...

3rd Apr 2006, 13:30
Or just go with the 360 version!! :D :thumbsup: better looking and easy to control!

3rd Apr 2006, 13:44
My wife and I will have to get all version. ;)

3rd Apr 2006, 13:45
On Amazon.co.uk:

Legend PS2.... £30.00
Legend PC.... £18.00! :eek:

I'm still not getting the PC version though, too fiddly for me, I love my PS2. :)