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2nd Apr 2006, 21:27
Hi guys,
I'm experiencing some problem on TRL Demo, but it's very strange because my computer match all the system requirements i'm in the recommended thingy! :rolleyes: But when i start the game well I can play for like 4 minutes and after this the demo freeze , and i can't do nothing! I wonder if one of you can help me?Do anyone has the same problem as me?

512mb ram DDR333
ATI RADEON 9550 256mb (The driver is up to date)

2nd Apr 2006, 21:35
i had this problem with the halo demo. i can play for 2 minutes then my computer froze. i restarted it and it happened again. then the second time i restarted my computer it worked. try that.

2nd Apr 2006, 21:38
I let my computer shut for one night and i played a little more but it's always doing the same problem!

Notts Raider
3rd Apr 2006, 00:03
is the PC overheating ???

3rd Apr 2006, 07:56
Notts raider has a good point, and there are things you can do about it, but we need to know thats the problem first.

Does any other games cause this to happen? if you don't have another newish game or demo to try, download a demo for another game that is graphic intensive.. like Doom3 for intance.

If the PC still goes the same way then It might very well be an overheating problem as processors have an inbuilt safety device that kinda cuts out to it to save it from melting :eek:

Sometimes it's trial and error with faults on a PC.