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2nd Apr 2006, 19:39
Ok, I am stuck again...

After the crushing walls i come in to this gigantic room with the 3 big buttons on the ground and "contraptions" on the wall...

The wall that apparently shuts closed after you enter the room. There is a cage which i can move onto one of the buttons and i can stand on another button but that is all i can do.

Please help

2nd Apr 2006, 19:43
I don't really understand what you are saying but you need to get the other 2 boxes in the low water on the higher platform by using the scale. Drag a box to the left side of the scale, get on the higher platform, step on the little stair and jump on the other side of the scale to launch it. Do this also with the other box and drag them to the switches. When your done move to the left of the room to climb the chain and the left side of the wall to reach the huge door.

Good luck. :)

Notts Raider
2nd Apr 2006, 19:43
There should be some crates you can use

3rd Apr 2006, 08:22
Additionally, if you REALLY want to launch the crate from the scale simply load it diagonally on the other end of the fulcrum you will be jumping upon. Those puppies can really fly! I love the physics in this game. :D

3rd Apr 2006, 12:41
put the cage on the upper level on one of the buttons jump down to the left of the walkway pull the cage from under the seesaw put it on end that drops

climb back up jump on the other end move cage to buuton

jump back down get the other cage on lower level reapet above

job done doors open to move on

3rd Apr 2006, 13:39
If you can't even get through the demo without help I just hope that you bought a guidebook otherwise you'll never finish it..

3rd Apr 2006, 21:08
ive just managed to do the same bit. ive gotten up to the top where the big door opens ,it then goes into a cut scene and she has to leg it. what am i suposed to do? she keeps getting chopped up

oh by the way Lara is a lot more sexy than she used to be. grt grfix and even better than prevous versions. its been to many years since i played TR. the good old days are back again. grt work on the game guys.