View Full Version : Unable to revert mouse!?

2nd Apr 2006, 18:23
The option for inverting the camera on the Y axis does not work.Although I can toggle it on and off, nothing really happens.
This was tested on 7 other pc's with the same result, so I'm wondering if it's my copy of the game that is busted or it's just a glitch...Anyone else having this problem???

2nd Apr 2006, 18:29
im still in the middel of my download seems alot of pepol are haveing problems

2nd Apr 2006, 19:56
Having the same problem here as well, driving me nuts :mad:

2nd Apr 2006, 20:42
Could this be resolved by editing the game's registry entries.I found a couple of options there possibly related to this, and I was wondering if a more gifted mind
would know what to change.I'm a bit of a noob myself, and I can't play the game without a reverted mouse....

2nd Apr 2006, 22:39
I have the same problem. Invert X axis works (but why would anyone wanna do that? o_O), but invert Y does not. The settings do get saved, but they simply have no effect. :(