View Full Version : How do you destroy the Tiger tank in Panzer Mission

2nd Apr 2006, 17:16
I've found the secondary target, Tiger Tank but can't get close to destroy it. I tried throwing bombs from behind when you destroy the tank buster but that doesn't work. Any ideas???

2nd Apr 2006, 19:04
before it comes go and get some sticky bombs from Petrov and put the sticky bombs on the tank( in the front is the best).

2nd Apr 2006, 23:33
Or just use the Panzerfausts which you will find lying around after you have taken some enemy positions on that map and hit the Tiger from the rear or side as close as possible

5th Apr 2006, 19:17
Ok listen to me. I solved your problem! Take a sticky bomb and move to the destroyed truck near the fence. Jump up on it and continue to the boxes, after that its just to jump over the fence and plant the bomb on the Tiger. Rear is the best place!

good luck.. tell me if u made it.


10th Apr 2006, 06:46
Did you make it?!

mini bini
30th Apr 2006, 13:16
which level is this? White Alamo?

30th Apr 2006, 13:49
the 2.nd last mission( if I remember right it´s called PANZERS!!)

mini bini
30th Apr 2006, 19:29
ok thnx