View Full Version : PC Demo with Xbox360 controller

2nd Apr 2006, 15:22
Very disapointed that the game doesnt support the controller fully like Prince of Persia, ie. rumble and ring of light lighting up. Is there anyway to get the rumble working? its turned on in the menu.

Notts Raider
2nd Apr 2006, 15:42
I can't get it to work on the PSX joypad either

2nd Apr 2006, 16:05
Some people are available to use the PSX and Xbox 360 Controller. They said it worked fine.The Full game should fully support that.

Notts Raider
2nd Apr 2006, 16:06
I now have the full game and still can't get it to work, but then again it could be the converters fault

2nd Apr 2006, 16:06
get a logitech or saitek controller

3rd Apr 2006, 02:26
the controller buttons worked fine 'out of the box', its just that there is no rumble.