View Full Version : demo soundtrack problem

2nd Apr 2006, 14:28
Hi All,

Demo plays fine but getting a reverberating static while playing and durring the movie cut scene - anyone else having this problem?

I tried switching to headphones thinking it was the speakers but still there and all my other games seem to run fine.

I updated both video and audio drivers but dosent seem to help.


soundblaster live 24bit
gforce 6800 x2 SLi
athlon 3500+
xp service pack 2

2nd Apr 2006, 14:44
Yes, I was having that problem. It started off fine, but then when I got inside the temple/tomb the sound, including music and voices went static. Someone here mentioned to reset the sound/speaker settings in the control panel to no hardware acceleration. Mine was already on that setting.

In any case, the latest play through the game seemed to resolve the sound issue for me. I did up the resolution, but not sure that would have effected the sound.

2nd Apr 2006, 15:19
that did it thanks!