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2nd Apr 2006, 12:41
EDIT: Crap saw the other thread.

Hi, First gotta say this demo really shows what Tomb Raider games should be. It looks to be far better than all the previous games combined. Almost everything I missed in the previous games seems to have been added/resolved in this game. I'm a picky gamer (and a game developer but for smaller games, but it helps finding small things) but I think I can provide som valuable feedback to the developers. I hope they read this.

I really loved the graphics, the physics, the movement, animations, dialogue and especially the music.

I found a few things that annoyed me plus a crash. The camera always seems to destroy games for me. It's okay in this game but I'd want a few improvements:

1. When you move Lara the camera seems to reset to a view behind her sometimes. I usually want a somewhat downwardslooking camera and having to fight the view the game wants all the time is really annoying.

2. The view seems to be centered around her feet when I run forward. They may be fine but I'd rather look at whats in front of her so it would be prefered to center slightly above or at her head.

3. When in manual firing mode the movementbuttons turn her instead of moving her. Why god why? :confused: I'd love to use that view and now its useless :(


Would be nice to change viewing distance from laras head with the scroll wheel. Sometimes you want to be close, sometimes you want to be far...

The crash:

Was fiddling for a long while with the boxes in the big room with two locks for a big door a while into the demo and it crashed out to windows. Probably has to do with the physics.

That's all I found so far. I'll add if I come up with more. Others can add feedback here to so we have a single thread for the developers to look at.

Finally, I believe I will love this game! Good work Crystal Dynamics!