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storm shadow
2nd Apr 2006, 10:35
First of all hi to all. I have been away for a long time on the forum. I have been reading some stuff from time to time and it still looks like the most friendliest forum I know. ;) allright down to bussiness. Some of you might know the moves Lara could do in the Tomb Raider games. In Tomb Raider Original we got to know the Swan Dive and from there on we got introduced to some other moves as well like the "roll over", "Back flip ledge grap" and the "Old School" beautifull Athletic Lift for a ledge. Can't remember the name so I will refer to it as "AL" :) This post is for the people who want to learn the moves!

What I have encountered during my demo play :) is:
Salto in air move = forward, Double Click "jump".
Rollover = forward "crouch".
AL= While hanging on a ledge where you can pull up hold "jump"
Swandive = forward and than "jump" + "crouch" button.
Special move 1 = forward + muliple presses on "jump" (use with SM 2 as Combo)
Special move 2 = forward + multiple presses on "crouch" (use with SM 1 as Combo)
Pole move 1 = while on the bars when lara swings and gets vertical upwards push the opposite direction for a turn on the bars.
Pole move 2 = while on the bars when lara swings and gets vertical downwards push the opposite direction to make her do an other gymnastic move.
Pole move 3 = "Tkatchev" while on the bars when lara swings and gets vertical upwards or downwards press the opposite direction simultanious with the action key.
Special move 3 = when locked on a enemy press the "q" button trow the rappel tool this will hook onto the enemy while pressing "e" Lara gives it a jerk toward her and you can finish him off!
Bullet time 1 = when locked on a enemy from behind or the front press "crouch" when you are near enough. this wil knock the enemy of his socks and you get a spectacular move.
Bullet time 2 = when locked on enemy run towards him and jump on him this will make Lara do a random move and time almost stops in this time you can fire away.

*other moves like the ones that are pinpointed by lara herself will not be posted here by me!

More to come if there any ;)
Please feel free to add the other moves found without the manual ;)

Edit: edited the swandive and added the muliple jump action move and added the move mentioned in the this thread http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=57744

2nd Apr 2006, 11:46
Press the jump button more than 2 times ? She does a nice little jump for the crowd

storm shadow
2nd Apr 2006, 11:57
http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=57744 sorry I overlooked but it's nice to add this one to it also!

the move mentioned in the thread above can also be done with multiple presses on the jump button. you can also do a combo with them crouch and jump!

a little edit on the swandive. it's not 2x crouch like I said earlier. it's just forward and than jump & crouch together!

Edit: putted the moves in this post to the first

storm shadow
3rd Apr 2006, 10:16
other moves added plus combo's

3rd Apr 2006, 23:27
Thanks Storm. :)

storm shadow
4th Apr 2006, 11:47
NP I always want myself that the moves you can do are documented!
Added the "katchev" also