View Full Version : AOD Kurt Trent in LEGEND DEMO secret screen!!

2nd Apr 2006, 08:45
Looks like Toby got the better of Kurtis though.


he heh April fools! :D :rolleyes: ( I know, my sense of humour is a bit twisted :p )

2nd Apr 2006, 13:37
What a massacre! :P

4th Apr 2006, 04:33
This is one of my favourite Toby Gard interviews ever:

It's a sunny Monday morning and Toby Gard is explaining how the evil corporation sexed-up his sister and prostituted her around the world. First they made her wear skimpy clothes, he says. Then they gave her breast enlargements. Next, they forced her to become cheap titillation for teenage boys. "It was total violation," he says, thinly.

After Gard couldn't stand it anymore, after he said he was through with the corporation, after he'd resigned, they then went and sold her to Hollywood. The whole thing was ugly. Angelina Jolie was involved.

The story goes that Frances Gard, Toby's younger sister, was the inspiration for Lara Croft... He designed, programmed and executed the game using techniques which, at the time, were revolutionary. It was an immediate critical and commercial success. Core has sold in excess of 25 million units under the Tomb Raider name.

But Lara Croft became an emblem beyond the insular video-gaming world. She appeared on stage with U2 during their Pop Mart world tour. She became the subject of highbrow-goes-lowbrow cultural essays. And she was "the face" of Lucozade. Croft has netted Core Design in excess of pounds 400m. But Gard has seen none of it. He quit Core two months after the game was released. It was 1997. It was the first game he'd developed. He was 24 years old.

"Lara was based on elements of Indiana Jones, Tank Girl and, people always say, my sister," says Gard. "Maybe subconsciously she was my sister. Anyway, she was supposed to be this strong woman, this upper-class adventurer. [Despite] rules coming down from the marketing men, I thought, `Ah, I know how to fix this. I'll make the bad guys all American and the lead character female and as British as I can make her."

Gard continues. "She wasn't a tits-out-for-the-lads type of character in any way. Quite the opposite, in fact. I thought that what was interesting about her was she was this unattainable, austere, dangerous sort of person."

"I had problems when they started putting lower-cut clothes on her and sometimes taking her clothes off completely," says Gard. "It's really weird when you see a character of yours doing these things. You can't believe it. You think `She can't do that!' I've spent my life drawing pictures of things and they're mine, you know?" And here he speaks with emphasis. "They belong to me."

But Lara Croft didn't belong to Gard. She belonged to Core. It could do whatever it liked with her. So Gard quit. He'd invented the biggest computer game in the biggest decade of computer games, and he left. Walked away to do... nothing, apparently.

Toby Gard is sitting in his offices in Bristol. He's a small man with a big stare. He wears a white T-shirt, trainers and Mr Mole glasses. These days, Gard runs his own company. It's called Confounding Factor. ("From science," he explains. "The confounding factor is the thing that you forgot to control that ruins the experiment.)"

This is why Eidos needs him back. Toby rules!! :D Only someone who sees Lara as a sister/ friend would object to the horrors that have progressively ruined the franchise. I know ppl say he gets too much credit but honestly, as someone in research, I appreciate anyone who can explain the confounding factor variable so effortlessly -- he is fine by me :cool: :D