View Full Version : Shader Model 2.0 cards(Radeon 9500-X850)

2nd Apr 2006, 07:24
I have a question about so called "Next generation content" and the shader Model 2.0 support in the game. I happen to have a video card, which supports Shader Model 2.0, but not Shader Model 3.0. Does this mean that the game won't take advantage of the capabilities of my video card? Because that's what I saw from the demo, which doesn't have "Next Gen" in it. The Demo uses a few shaders here and there, but that's not the full potential of my video card for sure. I've played games like Half-Life 2 and F.E.A.R., which show how much can be done with only Shader Model 2.0. It would be a shame if the game only has to modes - one low-end(Sahder Model 1.4) and one high-end(Shader Model 3.0) and no mid-end mode. So is this going to be changed in the full version or we the people who have Shader Model 2.0 cards will be neglected?

2nd Apr 2006, 08:40
....Shader Model 3.0. Does this mean that the game won't take advantage of the capabilities of my video card?

This is the case, but I also think Legend looks fantastic anyway without.

I will look forward to getting a pixel shader 3 complient video card just to see it look even prettier though, it'll be like playing it new all over again.

6th Apr 2006, 00:28
hmm you know I opened my regedit and turned off shaders 3.0. Only had 2.0 on. And it still ran with next gen. I keep the game running switched back to windows and opened the reg again and yep "Useshader30 is still set to 0 and Useshader 20 is set to one. Not sure if the game goes around the reg and does shader 30 anyway. I tried this on my ati x800xl and the game would not run unless I set 20+30 to 0.. hmmm

opps forgot I have a 7800gt

Ok just wow.. I been playing and tho there still is that slowness to it, it just flys now..

9th Apr 2006, 04:40
Ive been alt+tabbing out of the game back to the registry and the game is overriding anything I change as well. I feel my card can handle next gen effects, atleast let me try it in sm2.0 mode or something devs.