View Full Version : sound/harddrive problems

2nd Apr 2006, 07:09
my problem is when the hard drive accesses information on the game it causes the sound to stutter.

it dosent effect any of the gameplay just the sound

i have installed the latest drivers for my graphic and sound.

the only way i can ease the problem is to start a game the finish it and restart and that helps a bit

i also have 1 gig of ram and was wondering why the game has to access the hard drive as much as it does.

i am hoping and assuming it is just a demo problem and that the full game will be ok.

2nd Apr 2006, 08:43
To be honest, I had this problem myself with half Life 2 which was subsequently patched, so who knows.

2nd Apr 2006, 16:44
my problem is .... Smells a lot like an audio card / hardware acceleration thing.

Totally disable hardware acceleration on your audio card (without the game running) and reboot to be safe.

To do this: Within your Control Panel, go to Sounds and Audio Devices -> Audio Tab -> Advanced button in Sound Playback -> Performance Tab and drop Hardware Acceleration to "None".

Hopefully issues can be fixed for the full game in a patch whereby this isn't necessary.

Wouldn't be the first time this is the quick and simple way to solve a game's audio issues that sound exactly like this.

2nd Apr 2006, 17:24
DMA buffer sizes come to mind here, and that suggests a problem that needs patching.

2nd Apr 2006, 20:06

PCI Latency Tool, a utility to set PCI Latency and possibly prevent game stutter or improve FPS.

This only works for AGP cards and NOT PCI express as these don't have latency timers apparently.

I hope this helps, but if it doesn't and you tried everything else like defraging the drive where your swap file is, and you have all the uptodate drivers, and you've tried running the demo without antivirus running in the background.... you can always wait for a patch..... sorry.

Anyone else have any further ideas?