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2nd Apr 2006, 07:08
On the website and in the PC Demo you get to hear some of the music from TR: Legend. I'm really enjoying the music alone. The PC Demo is also awesome and I'm glad I preordered and paid for my PS2 version already.

Question is: Does anyone know if they plan on releasing either a downloadable (Free) or Audio CD Soundtrack of the game? I really like the music and would like a copy of it to listen to.


2nd Apr 2006, 10:23
Download 5 songs from the TRLegend soundtrack in 256 KBit quality here:

Just click here.

Click the link that says : Freeware downloaden

then: Weiter zum Download von Tomb Raider: Legend - Original-Soundtrack

and then: jetzt downloaden.

The zip file contains the titles:

Main title
South America

found on another thread, enjoy

2nd Apr 2006, 12:55
I'm unable to click on the link.

2nd Apr 2006, 12:59
Music is awesome. I'd like to see a soundtrack too!

Found link: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=57581

2nd Apr 2006, 13:44
On the interview with Matt, somebody asked the same question, if he was planning of releasing a CD Audio.

So he said that he wasn't planning anything about that but it could be an idea.