View Full Version : Xbox 360 PC Pad Button Mapping for Legend

2nd Apr 2006, 02:59
Have my Xbox360 Pad mapped to the buttons and prefer it instead of keyboard/mouse, left joystick for movement, right stick + triggers for camera, A for jump, B for Grapple, Y for crouch/roll, X for Interact, RB for shoot, LB for Lock on, Left Click for Grenade, Right Click for Free Aim, D Pad Up for Binculars, D Pad Down for Health, D Pad Right for Weapon Change, D Pad left for Torch, Start Button for Pause, Back Button for PDA..., You can pretty much play the whole game with just the Pad alone and navigate most of the menus. much easier than a Kb/mouse combination, movement wise it's as good as playing on a console...