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1st Apr 2006, 20:20
Ok, I have read all the complaints about the controls being whacked in some way. Now read about my way. When I go to reconfigure my controls I can change some (very few) but not all as I would like. For example, I want the cursor keys for direction and not the default choices. I am left-handed and prefer my right on the cursor keys while my left is on the mouse. This means I don't want to settle for what someone else has selected for me but rather my own tried and true placement of keys. When I try to enter a change the screen tells me to select a key and I do. However, it will not respond. As I have indicated above, sometimes it will give me what I want. Like I could have right control for crouch but none of the cursor keys for direction. I couldn't get enter for interact. Why offer the promise of a choice when it isn't but selectively available? I must be doing it correctly because I can get one or two keys I actually want. I want to believe that this Tomb Raider will not be as stilted as has been the case with the game in the past. I really want to buy it but not if it is still stubbornly reticent to give up real control to the purchaser. Thanks for any constructive help in this regard

1st Apr 2006, 20:26
It's a game that should be played with a dual-analogue stick joypad, despite what PC stalwarts will doubtless tell you. My advice - buy this (http://www.xbox.com/en-IE/hardware/x/xbox360controller/) pad or similar and play the game as it should. Older Tomb Raiders worked with a keyboard; this isn't one of them.

/puts on flame-proof clothes

1st Apr 2006, 20:26
Cursor keys work for me. You don't get the choice to map to them under the reconfig screen but they work by default anyway. I have mapped all of the other controls to keys near the cursor keys, use the mouse for looking and steering, right mouse button for jumping , left for shooting and it all works great.

I actually think it's one of the best controlled 3rd person games I've played.

I tried it with a gamepad and it was a bit iffy. But I find the mouse keyboard combo fine once you tweakit to what you want. I do admit I would also like to map the Enter key for Interact but I have used my Ins key instead and it's fine. ;)

1st Apr 2006, 22:12
Thanks for your advice, Wgell. I never would have known about the cursor keys working without my configuring them. Why would I? It really should have been discussed in "readme". :)

1st Apr 2006, 22:21
This is one reason why I'm a console guy:) but then like said earlier, you can buy that PS2 pad-alike. It worked for me well.