View Full Version : Camera Control With Joypad?

1st Apr 2006, 19:50
How (if) can you change the camera movement controls?

Because at the moment, I use the controller to play but the mouse to move the camera which is really frustrating and almost impossible.

Anyone know if/how I can do it?


Lara Croft Online
1st Apr 2006, 21:15
So far I can only get an either or option on the camera stick and not
everything at once. I'm creating a profile to see if it overides the mouse.
I'll let you know if I have any success. I have a Nostromo gamepad usb.

1st Apr 2006, 21:55
Ok what you need to do is go to the camera menu, and set the Gamepad Axis to "Z Rotation and Slider" and the right analogue stick should now act as the camera...makes things so much easier!

1st Apr 2006, 22:38
You need a controller with analog sticks. If you don't, set a key to "show hud". So when you press it, it will show hud AND put camera in back of lara. Thats the only way to controll camera without analog sticks.

1st Apr 2006, 23:20
Didn't check the camera settings (made more sense to me that it should be in the controls options), cheers Laurance.

Well, better get back to it.

Lara Croft Online
2nd Apr 2006, 02:17
I didn't have the gamepad set up properly. Once I calibrated it it was fine.
I went into the control panel gamepad and calibrated, apply and walah.