View Full Version : problem with invert mouse setting

1st Apr 2006, 19:50
as default iam using INVERTED Y-axis on/yes
but setting this option ON or OFF make no difference ingame. anyone can help me solving this problem?

1st Apr 2006, 23:16
I am having the same issue. I am used to pulling mouse back to look up and pushing mouse forward to look down. However the demo is defaulted to the reverse and changing it in the options has no affect. Only side to side look is affected. Any thoughts?

1st Apr 2006, 23:35
It's all for your mouse. Try doing both Y and X. Works for me.

3rd Apr 2006, 14:00
Yeah the inverted Y axis for camera option has no effect, its allways on non invert

any fix for this? or have to wait for patch?

3rd Apr 2006, 19:18
same problem here...shucks..I'm actually unable to play games with the mouse NOT inverted on the Y axis :)

3rd Apr 2006, 19:26
This problem was fixed in the demo, all works as expected there.

A patch to be released around the actual release date of the game will bring that fix across to the full game.

Note: The 'fix' is to select Invert X, which will Invert both Y and X. But you may consider that to be even worse.

3rd Apr 2006, 20:04
This fix of yours does not work on my game.As suggested in another topic, some body who actually knows what to do, should try editing the game's registry entries.I found a couple of values there related to this, but could not fix it on my own.

4th Apr 2006, 15:01
concerning the registry editing..

One of those lists just the default values I think and in another entry inverted is set to 3...I tried changing them both to either 1 or 0 but all to no effect...

13th Apr 2006, 13:13
So is there an actuall fix for this or what?

13th Apr 2006, 13:57
Yes, the 1.1 patch and the US version (which is 1.1) have this fixed.