View Full Version : Huge Cheaters Problem

1st Apr 2006, 12:01
Hello, when I first bought the game I was very happy played online, all is very fair and square despite the 300Pings or more that should be fixed soon I hope!, But Now Its almost impossible playing against fair people I mean, all of you know there are a few Trainers with Unlimeted Health ammo and Stamina wich ables u to run like hell, and this is annoying playing against people that uses this. My question is when it will be available something to make this cheaters dissapear, I tired to play against these cheaters :-( its very boring...

3rd Apr 2006, 17:13
Just Wait !! i think the patch coming soon will fix all the bugs and problems I hope !!

3rd Apr 2006, 22:28
Well i hope it eliminates the cheaters, I mean I hope the patch will block the trainers that they are for this game to use them ONLINE

4th Apr 2006, 03:53
From what I heard, Pyro is aware of this problem.

Cheating = lame! http://forums.eidosgames.com/images/icons/icon13.gif

5th Apr 2006, 10:36
I wouldnt put that comment better you are right, i sure hope that they fix this up real soon..

12th Apr 2006, 11:16
If we only had a option to kick or ban players. Grrrr... Maybe add PB support it does really help more than enough.

Agree noticed some players using some sort of cheat. It could be the lagg to but still. Dam anoying of a good game. Its not the best mp game but good fun.