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1st Apr 2006, 04:26
I downloaded the demo and the graphics are awesome! i can enable AA to 6x and it actually looks as good as the xbox360

ofcourse tho when i put everything on high the frame rate drops like hell

anyways my question is: i saw an option on the game that says " Next Generation" it says its Off and i cant click to enable it. is it becouse my video card doesnt support it or is it an option you cant enable on the demo?

and if you enable "next generation" what does it do?

1st Apr 2006, 04:29
I think its something to do with the graphics. Where next generation puts it like x360 and the other one (dont remember name) puts it at a bit better than PS2 graphics. So I've heard. I don't know about you not being able to run it though.

1st Apr 2006, 06:14
Next Generation content is the high resolution textures, pixel shading effects, etc.. that make everthing look bumpy like it has cracks in it etc...note from the read-me:

1.3 Next Generation Content

Important: Ensure you are running latest drivers from NVIDIA and ATI.

For installer size reasons on this demo version, the ‘Next Generation’ graphics option has been de-activated. However please check back after the 7th April 2006 for an update which will unlock all the high-end content and fully optimise the demo to that of the full retail version.

1st Apr 2006, 14:09
wow just played the demo, amazing is the only word to say how good it really is..... im suprised how smooth the game runs, altho saying that once i put AA on the frames drop bigtime! so, the full version is gonna look even better with the advanced effects??? i really hope these dont wreck the frame rate of the game, im so pleased i can play it with out having to attack my pc with a fork with the fustration of it having to load, o yeah one more thing, game loads at stupid speeds, i blinked and it was ready!!!! :eek:

p.s my systems is

AMD athlon 2600+
Club 3D 6600 256meg
512 ram
80 gig hard drive

im sure my hard drives gonna love the 9 gig game on it :p, lol gonna have to get a bigger one if games keep gettin fatter!

think im gonna play it again....

1st Apr 2006, 14:13
The full game will be 7,298MB or 7.3GB large on your harddisk ;)