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1st Apr 2006, 01:58
I asked about TR8...

<madmattcd> So I don't think that I'm giving away anything but I'm pretty sure you can count on another game :)

:D :D

Mangar The Dark
1st Apr 2006, 03:54
Cool! But hardly a surprise. I really thought the series had ended after TR4 (since she DIED.) But then when they dug up her rotting corpse and revived her for Chronicles, I realized they weren't about to give up the cash cow that easily. After the AOD debacle, I again thought the series might end. But now with Legend coming out and the reviews looking quite good, it's no surprise that Eidos plans to keep the franchise going.

1st Apr 2006, 04:01
Mangar you have such a way with words. :p

Here is the chat transcript I recorded. I missed the first two questions but after the event was over "officially", Matt hung around and answered more questions. Btw, I logged in as Lara_forever.

[Logging Started - 03/31/0106 19:45:59]

[19:47:13] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *[KOD]darkshowdo-gs* Was it that hard to find a new story to use for this TR since there is alot ot TR games?

[19:49:05] <madmattcd> Yep it was pretty difficult. As mentioned Lara didn't leave to many enemies around to use again. We wanted to try and be consistent with the previous games, comics and movies but at the same time not be totally restricted by them. In the end we picked up one of the few unanswered threads from prevous games (what happened to her mother).

[19:50:36] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *Shehi-gs* Who wrote the script for the game? I wonder the name of the writer who brings us this awesome story. :)

[19:51:32] <madmattcd> Eric Linstrom (one of the senior designers) wrote most of the story along with some help from Doug Church and of course Toby.

[19:52:21] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *Legion-Aheiri-gs* First off...The graphics look DAMN good...Being 18 I grew up around Tomb Raider and have played all the sequals including Angel of Darkness. Besides those, Are their any new features to look forward to in Tomb Raider:Legend?

[19:53:56] <madmattcd> Thank you :) . Besides the graphics I think you'll love the new control system. We've also spent a lot of time with Lara's gear like the magnetic grapple. We also have our own in engine physics system which leads to some pretty cool traps and puzzles that you won't have seen before.

[19:54:42] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *Crueltylizer-gs* why did you choose Keeley Hawes to star as Lara Crofts voice?

[19:57:09] <madmattcd> The simple answer is we loved her voice and acting. We did a ton of auditions and we went through a lot of voices and we did a lot of second and even third auditions (I'm sure they thought we were a pain). There was a lot of back and forth between team members and execs at Eidos and then Keeley's voice came up late in the process and everyone totally agreed on her voice. Which was unusal.

[19:57:50] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *LGND_Achilles_Force-gs* So ... what was the funnest Part of this project?. I bet it was when you got done and started actually playing it eh?

[19:59:47] <madmattcd> The end was pretty fun. I think the strangest/funniest part for me was when trying to finalize the ingame model. There was a big debate about a certain part of her body (lower not upper thankyou). I remember sitting in a room with a lot of senior staff analyzing several animations to figure out the problem. Lets just say it was pretty funny and if anyone had walked in they would have wondered what were we up to.

[20:00:42] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *Jixs-gs* Riley Cooper mentioned last year that Lara will travel to South Africa. Can you elaborate on where in South Africa she'll be going?

[20:01:31] <madmattcd> So since then its changed to West Africa. Its not really a specific location but if you've seen the E3 demo trailer on line with the big waterfall. That's the location.

[20:01:56] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *Mossberger500-gs* does this game have full HDR including the bloom effect? and does it use Shadermodel 3.0?

[20:02:41] <madmattcd> Technically we not doing true HDR although we do something very similiar using the full screen effects. The nextgen version requires 3.0 support so yes we do.

[20:03:16] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *Shadowk14-gs* Will the Xbox360 version of Tomb Raider Legend be out the same day as the PC,Ps2,and Xbox versions?

[20:03:49] <madmattcd> Yes I'm very happy to say that it will be out on the same day. You should also be able to find a demo on the marketplace any day now.

[20:04:14] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *[GSI]Scooby0110-gs* Game Length? How fast can an average player finish this game? 10 hrs??

[20:04:49] <madmattcd> 8-10 hours will get you through the standard game path. It's going to take much longer if you want to try and collect all the rewards along the way (the golds are pretty hard to find).

[20:05:21] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *Isane_Isaac-gs* Can you tell me the chronology of all the Tomb Raider? I mean, is Tomb Raider Legend the second party of Angel of Darkness?

[20:06:29] <madmattcd> I can't really tell you where it falls in the chronology because we really didn't worry about that when we set up the story (it would have been too confusing). I can confirm that it is not the second part of Angel of Darkness.

[20:06:59] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *MaXThReAT-gs* My question is: What new feature/skill stands out the most in Lara's repertoire?

[20:07:43] <madmattcd> The grapple by far. It was our new toy so we use it quite a bit for problems and moving :)

[20:08:15] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *Rustuglu-gs* Hello Matt :). What makes this opus so different from the others? Is it the same kind of gameplay than the others? What are the major diffrences?

[20:10:38] <madmattcd> I'm not sure different is the right term. In this adventure we're trying to get Lara back to here roots and recreate the feeling players had with the first game. That means going back to tombs but it also means updating the control system and making the puzzles and her interactions more relevant. I think the key difference to other versions of Tomb Raider is that the story is much more personal in this adventure and you hopefully learn much more abou
[20:10:49] <madmattcd> her and her personality.

[20:11:19] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *Generallee02-gs* With the 360 version, will there be any downloadable content, like levels or anything exclusive for the 360? Thought i had read about something exclusive to 360 a while back.

[20:12:12] <madmattcd> Right now there aren't any plans to do any downloadable content (although that could always change). There are several things coming up for the marketplace (demos, icons and wallpapers etc).

[20:12:57] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *Necro_Fauztin-gs* Hey Matt. When you were making the game "Legend" did you have to change the way Lara was? Such as giving her a more killer-type thought system or what.

[20:14:35] <madmattcd> So the team constantly had to think about "what would Lara do in this situation" and there was always a ton of arguments. Would she do this or would she do that. Having Toby join the team was a huge bonus. Toby became the voice for that stuff. I don't think we ever intended to change Lara but we certainly wanted to better define her.

[20:15:11] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *ljportillo-gs* so you think that this change will warrant the re-birth of lara in our preference and why? what you learned from the past?

[20:16:41] <madmattcd> I really hope so and honestly I think so. I think Core realized with AOD that needed to change the series because they had been doing the same thing for a while and not really adapted. Unfortunately for whatever reason they didn't quite pick the right things to change. However a lot of fans/players spoke up about what they did and din't like. Hopefully the new game will meet those expectations.

[20:17:15] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *Clara[CA]-gs* Are you planning to release an original soundtrack for the game? Because the musics we heard so far is really good!

[20:18:04] <madmattcd> I'm sure Troels will be happy to hear that. I'm not sure what the plans are right now. It's definitely something that's a possibility. The psp version has a couple of bonus tracks you can play :)

[20:18:34] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *Isane_Isaac-gs* I heard rumors that Tomb Raider Legend's lenght is short. Can you tell me the lenght of the game?

[20:20:12] <madmattcd> 8-10 hours for the standard playthrough. We have 3 levels or rewards within each level (bronze, silver, and gold) which if you collect unlock extra goodies. Getting all of those will take some time. We also have brought back the time trial mode so you can replay through levels and the mansion is also pretty huge to play around in (and not part of the main game)

[20:20:42] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *inlasco-gs* Hi MAtt, thank you a million for bringing us the demo and sharing words with us. I'm french (quite late here actually 3am) and I wonder why the game came out early in italian store?

[20:21:48] <madmattcd> Thanks for staying up so late. I have no idea why it would be out there early (hopefully its a legal copy). European date for release should be the 7th. Just a plug but the demo tonight has full French support (audio and subtitles).

[20:22:16] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *Crueltylizer-gs* The new action sequences where you press a button for Lara to respond while the sequence is going on in fron of you look really cool. Will they be a big part of the game?

[20:22:46] <madmattcd> Not a huge part. The general rule is one per level.

[20:23:23] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *mgold2102-gs* First off, this game looks incredible. What motivated you and your team to redesign Lara's mansion from the movie and incorporate it into the game?

[20:25:28] <madmattcd> Thank you. There wasn't one motivation for using the movie. We knew we wanted to have the mansion again like the first game but obviously the graphics in the original version were pretty dated. We spent a fair amount of time watching the first movie and the sequence with her on the rope things is pretty cool. It gave us the idea for some of the movement you can do in the main hall.

[20:26:02] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *[GSI]Scooby0110-gs* Lots of concern about Widescreen support! Will we see 1440x900, 1680X1050, or 1900X1200?

[20:26:43] <madmattcd> All the versions of the game support widescreen. Infact you should be able to try it tonight on the demo.

[20:27:14] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *TRLegend-gs* Hi Matt, ta for coming and not thinking we're off our heads! I was wondering how hard the decision was to change Lara's biography as you preumeably knew a lot of fans would be very angry and/or upset.

[20:29:15] <madmattcd> It wasn't something that we took lightly. In the end we realized what a bad job Eidos/we had done in the past of keeping things consistent between the games, comics books (and even movie). At the same time we felt if we were going to try and clean up things now would be the time to do it and Toby came in just at the right time. Hopefully the fans will like/love what we've done. We've tried to be as faithful as we can.

[20:29:59] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *aNaCroft-gs* how was it to choose the new oficial model? why did you choose Karima? *btw, in my opinion, it was an excellent choice!*

[20:31:00] <madmattcd> So I wish I could take credit in the choice of Karima but that was totally handled by the guys in the UK. I haven't been fortunate enough yet to meet her in person but the folks on the team that have met her are extremely happy with the choice.

[20:31:41] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *Clivejames-gs* was there anything you wanted to put into the new TRL that you didn't or weren't able to?

[20:33:05] <madmattcd> So in a weird way the answer is there isn't anything. There are plenty of little things that we would have loved to have more time to play around with or develop more. But the great thing about all the support from Eidos/SCi has been all the time and support we got to get everything in that we wanted to do.

[20:34:04] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *Hevonblade-gs* Hi matt my question is: How many 3D models of lara croft have you created before found the good one ? or how many artwork?

[20:36:32] <madmattcd> So there were a ton of variation but really only 3 main versions. Early we did a very quick prototype that was completely different to the AOD Lara. If fans saw it I'm sure we would have got lots of angry emails. That gave us a base for what not to do. We then did another model that had quite a few variations that we narrowed down. Then Toby joined and we did a third model that we did several changes on, that ended up as the final model you see now
[20:37:21] <[Admin]WolfBlade> ok folks, unfortunately this will be the last question for tonight

[20:37:25] <[Admin]WolfBlade> *bloodraven43-gs* i want to startout by saying thxs crystal for bringing lara back from the tombs....i wanted to know if the pc game will support gamepads and rumble?
[20:39:17] <madmattcd> You're welcome :) Yes the pc version supports gamepad. We've added a default control and targetting system that works really well with a keyboard and mouse but if you do have a gamepad go into the options and change controls to default gamepad. It will give you a control system very close to the console version which you can still customize. We do support rumble.
[20:39:41] <[GSI]WolfBlade> Fantastic Questions everyone!
[20:39:50] <[GSI]WolfBlade> I'm very sorry if we didn't get to your question, there were many!
[20:40:02] <[GSI]WolfBlade> Any last advice or tips that you'd like to share with everyone Matt?
[20:40:44] <madmattcd> Enjoy the demo! I hope everyone loves the game and thank you for your time tonight!
[20:40:50] <[GSI]WolfBlade> A HUGE thanks to Matt Guzenda for dropping by. Great to have you!
[20:40:57] <[GSI]WolfBlade> Another BIG thanks goes out to everyone who came by to participate. Great questions, folks

[20:45:01] <Lara_forever> Matt Matt tell me there is going to be a third movie

[20:45:46] <madmattcd> LOL.. I really don't know. They blamed the poor sales of the last movie on the bad game. So if the game sells maybe there will be a new movie.

[20:49:45] <IM0001> madmatcd Will the game be moddable? Like is it possible to do a total conversion? Or is it kinda encrypted up?

[20:50:04] <Lara_forever> Matt if there is going to be another TR game when will that decision be made?

[20:50:36] <madmattcd> its encrypted. It would be really hard to mod because of the way we stream data. Plus you would need to know max..etc

[20:51:37] <madmattcd> So I don't think that I'm giving away anything but I'm pretty sure you can count on another game :)

[20:51:40] <Lara_forever> Matt when will you know about TR*?
[20:51:46] <Lara_forever> 8?
[20:51:51] <Lara_forever> July?

[20:51:58] <IM0001> madmattcd What do you mean on Stream Data?

[20:53:14] <madmattcd> IMOO1. We don't preload the whole level. The way our engine works we load a lot of things on the fly. It's not an issue so much for pc but for the consoles. It means that you can play really big levels with no load time. Also means the data for the levels (stream data) has to be put together in a specific way

[20:53:39] <IM0001> thats what i was thinking.. Awesome.
[20:53:40] <169th_Scorpion> sweet
[20:53:56] <IM0001> sucks for you Xbox 360 guys still lol. PC ruels. lol

[20:54:46] <madmattcd> ok guys going to bail and say goodnight to my son. Have a good weekend and enjoy the demo.

Mangar The Dark
1st Apr 2006, 05:35
Thanks for posting that, Trinity! It's an interesting read. So far, everything sounds really promising about this game. It feels like CD really understands what made the first game great and they're capitalizing on it.

L Croft
1st Apr 2006, 07:27
Great stuff Trinity :thumbsup: . Could I put the transcript on my site?

1st Apr 2006, 09:54
Thanks for this, Trinity.:thumbsup: I missed the chat. Everything I read was great news! :D I'm more excited than I've ever been about a game...or possibly anything as mundane and material as a game. I can't wait to play it!

1st Apr 2006, 10:36
Actually transcript lacks coupla questions from the beginning. Check the chat event topic for complete version, it is somewhere on page 2.

1st Apr 2006, 12:31
I was there and that was really great! Thanks Shehi for helping btw!!


1st Apr 2006, 12:59
Lol so you are Clara-CA :P Nice to meet you. Your question was asked, I guess you were not there when it was asked, were you?

1st Apr 2006, 16:34
My question was asked, thanks to you ! ;) I was there and very surprised also!

I'd really love to have an original soundtrack for Legend! :D

1st Apr 2006, 17:00
Actually transcript lacks coupla questions from the beginning. Check the chat event topic for complete version, it is somewhere on page 2.

Shehi I noted that in the beginning of my post but thanks for pointing out I did not get all the questions... :mad: but I did get some from when the event was over.

Lydia if you want to use it go right ahead, just say thanks Trinity34.

1st Apr 2006, 17:07
Shehi I noted that in the beginning of my post but thanks for pointing out I did not get all the questions... :mad: but I did get some from when the event was over..

Sorry Trin, I missed first lines of your post. My bad :(