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31st Mar 2006, 19:48
Sorry for the lack of details folks, but my friend from Germany picked up a PS2 magazine and found a review about Legend.

He didn't tell me much except that the game received an 87/100% and that they seem generally pleased with the game. He tried to translate the pros and cons and said this:

Amazing Graphics
Precise Controls
Great synchronization (whatever that means)

Too short
Too easy on Normal setting
Boss fights aren't very exciting

So yeah, while some of the cons are worrysome, the game received an 87% and therefore seems to be rather well received by the press so far.

31st Mar 2006, 20:29
What I would like to know is this--if I were to play the game on the hardest difficulty, would the bosses become impossible? I've played a few games where the regular enemies were too easy on normal mode and the bosses were insane on difficult mode. I hope that's not the case with Legend.

31st Mar 2006, 23:12
Too short
Too easy on Normal setting
Boss fights aren't very exciting

Damn.. Exactly what I hate in games.. Although I think the "too short" is because the reviewer wanted more :)

1st Apr 2006, 00:04
With that sad being a bit too short..I really may have to hold back my PS2 version of the game (needless to say, I've wanted to buy the PS2+PSP version @ once) and I don't want to finish the PS2 version before the PSP verison. but 87%/8.7 is not bad:eek:

1st Apr 2006, 06:41
> Great synchronization (whatever that means)

The german voice(s), how good spoken, lips syncronisation, sound of etc.
Btw: Laras german voice is "Marion von Stengel" (our best!).