View Full Version : Nobody Updates These Forums!!!!

31st Mar 2006, 07:35
You would think no one likes Imperial Glory considering nobody updates it!
Do people really like this game? It sure doesnt show. :mad:

31st Mar 2006, 07:47
There is nothing really new to update them with.

31st Mar 2006, 08:38
Hopefully we'll get some details about an expansion or sequel with E³ 2006 in May. :)

31st Mar 2006, 16:11
I used post here a lot.....The game it appears was totally dropped by the developers/distributors.Shame as it had great potential.I still fire it up the odd time.How much effort would it take to post a bit of news about sequel/patch etc plans?
Id be stunned if there was an IG2....Delighted and would definitely buy it but its not gonna happen....Pity .When the RTW NTW2 mod comes out this game will totally disappear (unless some injection of life by Pyro/Eidos etc???).
The Histwar game on the distant (?) horizon looks far inferior to IG .
All this game needs is to NOT have the troops get involved in melee with nearest units en route to tackling critical target etc and it would be close to perfect.Its so moddable -shame its been left to die away.

31st Mar 2006, 20:11
I sympathise with you guys, the same thing is happen√*ng everywhere unless an upcoming game release keeps it buzzing.
Everything ends eventually. :)

31st Mar 2006, 20:20
HistWar looks "inferior" to IG? Are you kidding, or just under age 20? Maybe the graphics might not be as slick, but at least Battlefront.com makes games that use historical sources as a reference point.

Histwar Les Grognards will have morale modelled, actual formations used, real period weapon data under the hood, and a mess of things that IG got so totally wrong it made me throw the game to the darkest corner of the storage room. And you know what else it will have-support once it comes out by the devs.

IG FAILS in this respect, along with it's even more vilified little sibling, Cossacks 2. These two games have totally put me off big game makers. When the hell are they going to wake up and realize that to support a game with a few patches, and allow people to mod the game is not wrong. It's not like they are going to be making a new IG2, so the shouldn't worry about someone making a few new models or uniforms with a mod. It's actually lazy and rude.

If you don't show respect to your customers, they are NOT coming back. I'm certainly not until this game is patched and supported. At least I'm giving IG an option to make good-Cossacks 2 and CDV are on my boycott(and post about why on public forums) for life list.