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30th Mar 2006, 22:15
I am stuck on the first part of the betrayal mission. I can get onto the bridge but can't work out

(1) how to blow it up - where are the explosives ??? (secondary objective)
(2) how to kill the machine gunner tank to the west of the bridge, the sniper cant see him from the building he starts in and the green beret gets killed before he can get close.

The Germans just keep on coming no matter how many you kill and eventually the other allied soldiers just end up dying and I fail the mission. I am assuming if you blow up the bridge the Germans can't follow and you can then concentrate on the primary objective of "punching through the nazis".

I am surprised they put this mission as the start because I think it's quite difficult for an early mission. I never had any problems on the previous commandos games, I've even written guides for them!

30th Mar 2006, 22:39
I've found out how to blow up the bridge, you just find the two icons on either side that look like bombs and click use (F). The bomb on the south side is closest to where the Green Beret came from and the north side bomb is further away. Still can't kill the machine gunner because the Germans just keep on coming, managed to get close once but was overrun and wounded

31st Mar 2006, 05:19
I also join this question. I've bombed the bridge, but there is too many Nazis soldiers on the other side. How should I kill them?:confused:

31st Mar 2006, 08:50
It is a tough one for the start of the game - agreed! Once you have got your troops back across the bridge and blown it up (I never actually blew it up the first time around as I couldn't find the explosive locations and did not know how to set them off) you need to quickly concentrate on taking out the machine gunner in the half track who may still be on the other side of the blown bridge (with rifle/scoped rifle/grenades). With that done you need to quickly switch attention to the half track on YOUR side of the bridge - use grenades (usually two) to blow the half track up or the MG position will be re-occupied. Then you just need to keep mowing the rest of the Germans down from a position with some cover - eventually you will get some help ;)

31st Mar 2006, 10:22
You CAN kill the sdk'er from the sniper's position. There's a big hole in the roof with some crates in front of it. Stand on top of them and with some precision you can shoot the machinegunner (use hold breath option.)

31st Mar 2006, 10:33
Thats in the first part of the same mission through when the paratroopers are landing. They are talking about the two other half tracks that approach the bridge at the end of the mission.

31st Mar 2006, 13:38
Yeah yeah, I'm talking about the same part.., I think...:p
Check this vid (http://www.tafn.info/staff/sick/CSF_Betrayal.wmv), that's where I'm talking about. :)

1st Apr 2006, 21:44
You can sniper him which is useful, isn't too obvious that you can get up on the roof (no Robsen and Jerome references honest!) I eventually did it by running up and grenading it several times.