View Full Version : whats the control scheme like? (pc)

30th Mar 2006, 11:42
well a while back i got hold of hitman contracts demo which is the same type of game (third person action), and the controls were really sluggish and i couldnt use my logitech rumblepad2 either, will i be able to use my gamepad on this game like i can in san andreas for instance?

if i wont be able to, will the keyb/mouse controls be sluggish like in hitman?

ps: will there be a demo for TR soon?

30th Mar 2006, 12:15
Well... I don`t know for sure, but I guess the control for the PC VERSION are great, I didn`t have problems with the controls in any Tomb Raider game (except AOD).

PC DEMO? Who knows? After the release date, for sure. :mad:

2nd Apr 2006, 16:04
just played the demo and im pleased to say i can take full advantage of this game with my logitech rumblepad 2 (cordless).

thanks eidos, and... consider this game on my wishlist (ill be getting this game!)